‘Super Phantom Cat’: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

Here are the top 10 tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for Super Phantom Cat.

1. Take Your Time

Super Phantom Cat

• There’s no need to finish one level within a limited time. Just enjoy your own solo time and don’t panic when you come across a red monster!

2. Press Forward and Jump at the Same Time

Super Phantom Cat

• If you’re not familiar with the controller, try slowly moving to the edge and then hitting the forward and jump buttons at the same time. Practice makes perfect!

3. Look for Secret Areas

Super Phantom Cat

• There are many hidden treasures and small puzzles hidden in plain sight. You just might find something new when you replay a level :)

4. Retrace Your Steps when You Can’t Find Your Way

Super Phantom Cat

• You can jump higher when you hold the jump button, but sometimes jumping alone isn’t enough. Reconsider your route and retrace your steps if you get lost!

5. Don’t Forget the Challenge Levels

Super Phantom Cat

• Challenge levels can help you unlock more characters. Don’t ignore them; challenge levels are rare!



Taylor M.

I don’t know why anyone would need a cheat for Super Phantom Cat, to be honest. But when it’s needed, it’s needed! You can also try checking out castlecheats.com/superphantomcat :) I usually go to that site for my cheats so I’d recommend it.


i found a working cheat for this game here: cheatgeeks.com/super

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