‘Dying Light: The Following – Enhanced Edition’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Dying Light The Following

Techland stroke gold with their amazing foray back into zombie territory. Dying Light launched to high praise, which led it to standing out as a surprisingly awesome open-world adventure.

Techland isn’t quite done with its breakout hit just yet. Not only is the game getting a sizable add-on in the form of a new expansion, Dying Light is getting a new lease on life with an upgraded re-release. Dying Light: The Following – Enhanced Edition is taking the place of the regular edition that came before it and making itself the definitive version to play. New gameplay systems, a new punishing difficulty level, improved enemy AI and a host of other features are set to make a great game even greater.

There are numerous upgrades and a host of new content coming to one of 2015’s sleeper hits. Here’s every tidbit of information you need to know about Dying Light: The Following – Enhanced Edition.

Note – if you already own Dying Light, you can digitally buy “The Following” expansion pack without having to acquire the Enhanced Edition. If you purchased the Season Pass for the game, then this extra DLC will come as a free download. The various improvements that come with the Enhanced Edition will also be a free download for players who have a copy of Dying Light.

1. The New Story Based Expansion Throws Kyle Crane Into a New Conflict With Cultists

You’ll once again take control of parkour master and zombie annihilator Kyle Crane in this story-based expansion. A survivor lets Crane know that several cultist groups have taken refuge outside of the city of Harran. These groups have somehow gained control over the very same virus that’s turned nearly everyone into ravenous zombies. Crane must leave Harran and head into the far out countryside and solve the mystery behind this new ordeal.

Along the way, you’ll need to gain the trust of the cults by participating in various main/side missions, which helps increase your “Trust Rank.” A higher Trust Rank leads to unlocking new missions, character abilities and a host of welcome rewards. Techland recommends that players who are at a level of 18 or higher will be properly prepared to take on the many challenges of this new adventure.

2. You Can Now Traverse the World by Driving Around in Dirt Buggies

Dying Light is known for its efficient implementation of parkour, which gave players better chances at escaping the grasp of the undead. With this expansion DLC, another big feature that focuses on quicker transportation is being included. “The Following” will allow players to unlock their own drivable dirt buggy, which can be built into an offensive or more defensive vehicle.

Once you obtain your dirt buggy, a new skill tree tier will open up. Your new “Driver Rank” is tied to the newest upgrades and skills you unlock due to your progress while using your trusty dirt buggy. Some of the upgrades you can tie to your ride includes a bigger fuel tank, a raging flamethrower, a mine dispenser and many more cool attachments. On top of those dirt buggy advancements you’ll acquire, players can unlock various levels of car parts, colorful paint jobs and random dashboard items.

3. Legend Levels, the Bounty system and the Additional Nightmare Difficulty are the Game’s Newest Mechanics

Three big additional gameplay mechanics are set to become a huge part of the player’s progress in “The Following” DLC – Legend levels, the Bounty system and the new Nightmare Difficulty level. Once a player manages to max out a single base level skill tree for their character, Legend Levels are unlocked. This new way of upgrading your character progresses continuously until level 250. The experience you earn goes toward your Legend Levels, which provides new costumes, gold tier weaponry and several more bonuses.

The new Bounty System can basically be explained as special in-game challenges you can tackle once you complete the main game. There’s three types of bounties – basic, daily and community bounties. Basic bounties are simple missions, such as slashing off a certain number of zombie heads. Daily bounties are extreme tasks that change up on a daily basis. Community bounties are goals that are meant to be taken down by the entire online community of Dying Light. These bounties are developed in order to be completed over multiple days. When finished, players who participated in the bounty will be awarded with a lot of experience.

And finally, there’s an even harder difficulty mode the most hardcore players can tackle. This Nightmare difficulty mode not only includes the aspects of Hard mode, it also throws in several other tougher mechanics. These extra challenges include no Easter Egg weapons, your player stamina decreases as you fight and use your parkour moves and when you’re killed, you’ll lose a good amount of experience.

4. The Enhanced Edition of This Game Comes With a Whole Host of Other New Features

Dying Light’s newly upgraded installment comes with other enhancements that make the previous version obsolete. The list of extra upgrades coming to this open-world zombie crawler are numerous, which is why we’ve listed the majority of them below:

– new Parkour moves
– new enemy attack patterns
– the #DrinkForDLC content
– new NPC models
– improved facial expressions
– improved human enemy AI
– a more violent and offensive AI for undead enemies
– much better firearm variety
– HUD and video filter customizations
– several improvements to the game’s audio
– technical gameplay quality upgrades made for consoles

5. The Full Physical Release of Dying Light: The Following – Enhanced Edition is Jam Packed With Content

If you still haven’t obtained a physical copy of Dying Light, this ultimate release of the game is the smartest way to obtain it. Dying Light: The Following – Enhanced Edition’s suite of on-disc content comes with the following:

Dying Light’s base game content
Dying Light: The Following DLC
– Be the Zombie multiplayer mode
– Cuisine & Cargo challenge missions
– the Ultimate Survivor Bundle
– the Bozak Horde game mode

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