‘Street Fighter V’: Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Return

SF5 Balrog

To say that the launch of SFV was a disappointment is an understatement. Essential modes were non-existent and the game (while still fun) lacked the content needed to keep casual/hardcore fans happy.

Capcom has taken all of its mistakes into consideration when it came time to updating the game. So far, we’ve received new characters (Alex and Guile) and a new stage. But come July 1, 2016, the biggest update of all is set to bring a ton of new features to the game. If you abandoned SFV and are looking for a reason to return, we have five of them for you all. New characters, stages, costumes and more will breath new life into Capcom’s current-gen fighter.

These five reasons should be enough to give you the incentive to head back into those “fighting streets.”

1. The High School Lady Ninja is Returning

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Street Fighter 3’s Ibuki was unveiled in June, but she’ll finally be playable once the July 1, 2016 update rolls out. Longtime players will be pleased to see that she retains her very nimble and tricky playstyle. She returns to the scene with her quick target combos and even more methods that allow her to mix-up her opponents. Ibuki sports a mixture of her school uniform and shinobi gear.

You can get a full understanding of her new skills by checking out the official PS Blog details below:

V-SKILL: Tenrai

Ibuki builds up energy and blasts it from her palm towards the opponent. The blast range is dependent on how long Tenrai is charged for.

V-TRIGGER: Isshaku Horokudama

Ibuki digs into her bag of ninja tools and throws a bomb at the opponent. Depending on which direction is held upon activation, the bomb can either go off quickly, after a slight delay or after a longer delay. Ibuki is extremely crafty and impatient, however, so there might be other ways to trigger the explosion.

CRITICAL ART: Kachofugetsu

The pinnacle of Ibuki’s ninjutsu training! Ibuki launches the opponent into the air, quickly following after them. She then performs a series of ninjutsu seals, culminating in a large scale blast to the opponent’s skull.

Ibuki will also come with a daytime alternate version of the Kanzuki Estate stage. This sunlit rendition of the stage has been dubbed “Estate at Noon.”

2. The Boxer Who’s Hungry for More Fight Money is Back

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Balrog, the big boxing brute from the Street Fighter 2 series, is back with a vengeance. He looks even more massive than his previous iterations and he hits even harder. His default outfit places him in a sweet hoodie and his rushdown tactics remain intact. You can learn everything there is to know about his skill set by reading his official PS Blog description below:

V-Skill: KKB

A unique move that twirls his body while moving forward. While activated, you can dodge projectiles as well as string together attacks. You can even activate KKB before a special hits you, allowing you to be a technical inside fighter.

V-Trigger: Crazy Rush

A chance to be the aggressor when activated! Steam rises from his body and allows you to string together specials like Charging Buffalo and Bursting Buffalo.

Critical Art: Gigaton Blow

Unleash the fury from your fist with this simple, yet destructive critical art.

3. We’re Finally Getting a Lengthy and Meaningful Story Mode

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Mortal Kombat changed the game when it came to featuring epic story modes in fighting games. The developers behind SFV have taken notice of this, which is why they’re trying their hand at replicating that winning formula. The cinematic Story Mode that will come included in the July update is called “A Shadow Falls.” Players will see fully English/Japanese voiced cutscenes as they play through several important battles.

Here’s the official summary of this new DLC addition:

“A Shadow Falls,” depicts the ultimate battle between the evil Shadaloo organization and the heroic World Warriors who rise up against them. Seven “Black Moons” are deployed by Shadaloo, granting M. Bison unimaginable power and enveloping the earth in total darkness. Seeing the moons mysteriously appear in the sky, Ryu, Ken, and Chun-Li embark on an epic journey around the world to retrieve fragment pieces that are the key to stopping the “Black Moons” before it’s too late. Along the way, they encounter the rest of the World Warriors, each of whom have their own agendas and motivations in mind. The final battle between good and evil begins now…who will RISE UP?

SF5 Juri

SF5 Urien

What makes this add-on even more enticing is the fact that you’ll get to play with the rest of the planned DLC characters: Juri and Urien. The Story Mode’s runtime comes in at approximately 4-hours and stretches out over five chapters. You can choose to tackle it on the Normal difficulty and, once beaten, return to it for a run at the harder Extra difficulty. Fight Money can be earned after completing both difficulty modes. For a sample of the Cinematic Story Mode, check out the video posted above.

4. New Modes and Updates Will Come Free of Charge

SF5 Update

There’s an extra mode and various changes coming along with the wealth of other goodies present in this update. These changes will alter the way you purchase content and make online matchmaking even better. These additional updates include:

– a single-player Challenge Mode
– Demonstrations, which are split into beginner, intermediate and advanced tutorials for each character
– new character Trials, which are tutorial combo trials
– welcome improvements to player matchmaking and the overall online performance
– a new “Rage Quitting” system implementation
– a change to the in-game shop that allows you to use real-world money

5. New Stages Will Be Added in Order to Freshen Up Your Surroundings

SF5 Balrog Stage

Street Fighter 2 players will be happy to know that Balrog’s classic Las Vegas destination is getting a facelift. This modern interpretation of Sin City looks even brighter than before. Balrog will also arrive in this new stage with his new story costume and premium battle costume.

SF5 Karin Stage Update

Karin’s known for living an extravagant lifestyle. That personality trait of her’s will be represented with a new stage called The Kanzuki Family Private Beach. Along with this summer getaway locale, Karin will also get a new premium summer costume. If you keep your eyes peeled, you may just get a peek at Rival School’s most standout lady fighters…