‘Dream City: Metropolis’: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

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Here are the top 10 tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for Dream City: Metropolis.

1. Complete Your Boardwalk Orderboard Before Anything and Everything

Dream City: Metropolis

• Always complete your Boardwalk Orderboard before starting on your normal Business Orders each day. Boardwalk Orders pay out nearly as many Coins as regular Orders, but Landmarks are hands down the best Population buildings in the game. And they look amazing. Filling every Boardwalk Orderboard will award increasingly higher amounts of Tickets, so it pays to stay on top of them.

2. There’s a Few Buildings That Don’t Need to be Connected to Roads

• Figure out which buildings don’t need to be connected to roads and make sure they aren’t. Factories, City Hall and Decorations don’t rely on roads to function.

3. Take the Formation of Roads Into Account When Posting Up Buildings

Dream City: Metropolis

• For most other buildings, make sure they’re connected to roads on only one side, and preferably the shorter side if they are rectangular. You will get the most space-efficient layout this way; of course, it won’t necessarily be the most beautiful layout, but it can be a fun puzzle-like challenge to make efficient blocks.

4. Construct Those High Rises ASAP

• Once you unlock High Rises, build as many as you can. Not only will you be able to save space by unlocking additional storage slots, these larger buildings are also easier to move around the board when you want to redecorate. Plus they’re really cool-looking.

5. Utilize Your Collected Parts

Dream City: Metropolis

• Use your parts (Tape, Saws, Bricks, etc.) as soon as possible so they don’t take up precious Inventory space.

6. Pay Attention to Those Points of Interest

Dream City: Metropolis

• Expand to and complete the Points of Interest as soon as you can. They give you a big burst of Population and many of them don’t take up any board space.

Dream City: Metropolis

7. Perform This Task Before You Take a Nap

Dream City: Metropolis

• Before you go to bed, order the largest Goods package you’ve unlocked. That way you’ll have plenty of fuel for your factories in the morning.

8. Don’t Take on Too Many House Building Requests Early On

• There are enough quests that request building houses. But it doesn’t pay to get too far ahead in building them, plus you’ll use up a lot of space until containers are unlocked.

9. Gold is Essential

• Need extra gold? Find a factory that is sitting unused in your city and make high value items to sell in the Marketplace

10. Gather Up Smaller Base Goods

• If you’re going to be playing for a while, order the smaller base goods and collect them frequently. You’ll wind up with more base goods and be able to craft more consistently than if you wait for the higher base goods to come in.

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