‘No Man’s Sky’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

No Man’s Sky – FIGHT Video | PS4playstation.com/en-us/games/no-mans-sky-ps4/ Your Universe Awaits On a planet, players are equipped with a multi-tool to defend against deadly predator creatures and mine resources. Attacking creatures – aggressive or otherwise – or mining resources will call the attention of the Sentinels, a robotic force who seeks to keep each planet in a natural, undisturbed state. The more…2016-07-20T14:00:00.000Z

Ever since it was announced, gamers have had a ton of questions about Hello Games’ massive endeavor: No Man’s Sky.

What we do know is that it’s a passion project by a medium sized indie dev studio. What we also know is that is that is has ben delayed several times in order to craft it into the best game possible. No Man’s Sky should wet the appetites of would-be space explorers who’re looking to discover the great unknown. You’ll be tasked with exploring a procedurally generated galaxy that comes with an unlimited amount of planets to see. No Man’s Sky looks to be the most ambitious PS4/PC release of 2016.

Here’s every facet of No Man’s Sky you need to know before it officially launches into our orbit on August 9.

1. No Man’s Sky Comes From the Development Team Behind the Joe Danger Series

Joe Danger

Hello Games is a British games development studio based out of Guildford. Comprised of members who formerly worked for developers/publishers such as Criterion Games, Electronic Arts and Kuju Entertainment, Hello Games’ founders started the company in 2008. It’s main founders are Sean Murray and Grant Duncan. The other two key members of Hello Games includes Ryan Doyle and David Ream. Before they all began working on No Man’s Sky, they released the two games that brought them critical acclaim from press and fans alike: Joe Danger and Joe Danger 2: The Movie.

2. The Game’s Basic Premise is Built Around Four Main Themes: Exploration, Survival, Combat and Trading

No Man’s Sky – SURVIVE Video | PS4playstation.com/en-us/games/no-mans-sky-ps4/ Your Universe Awaits While some planets are beautiful and serene, many have extreme conditions that make survival difficult. Some planets will have extreme temperatures – from freezing lows to scorching highs – while others are drenched in toxic rain, heavily irradiated or completely submerged. For the unprepared, surviving on planets with extremes will be…2016-07-27T14:00:00.000Z

The majority of No Man’s Sky is built on these four specific gameplay pillars: exploration, survival, combat and trading. Players won’t be forced to stick to a linear path during their galactic travels; the tasks you perform will center around your freeform methods of adventuring. The exploration aspect of the game focuses on discovering previously unknown planets and gathering as much info about them as possible.

This info can be shared with other players as you upload it to a universal database known as “The Atlas.” Performing this task will award you with the game’s form of currency. Everyone within the game’s universe can aid each other even more by personally exchanging the coordinates of found planets.

No Man’s Sky – TRADE Video | PS4playstation.com/en-us/games/no-mans-sky-ps4/ Your Universe Awaits Resources are a vital part of exploration, trading and survival. No Man’s Sky has its own periodic table of elements – some familiar to our world, some new and unknown – and each one is used in different ways. Some can be used to craft new items and weapons once the…2016-07-22T14:00:01.000Z

The survival and combat themes within No Man’s Sky focuses on you having to fend off the sometimes hostile “Sentinels,” the robotic guardians you’ll come across on each planet. If you eliminate too many lifeforms on said planet or deplete too much of its resources, the Sentinels will take offense to your actions and attempt to kill you. You’ll also encounter space battles within your spaceship when you come across rival alien factions.

When it comes to trading, it’s possible to perform that task with other spaceships you come across. Trading items, gathering materials, finding blueprints and upgrading your gear are some of the other mechanics that make up the entirety of the game. It’s up to you to stake out your claim within the near limitless galaxy of No Man’s Sky.

3. Everything You’ll Come Into Contact With Will be Procedurally Generated

No Man's Sky: Portal gameplay trailerThere are many ways you'll travel through No Man's Sky's infinite galaxy. Here are five. no-mans-sky.com/ No Man's Sky is a science-fiction game about exploration and survival in an infinite procedurally generated galaxy. Music: Debutante by 65daysofstatic 65daysofstatic.com Developed by Hello Games, the indie studio behind PS3 hit Joe Danger, No Man's Sky is a…2014-12-06T04:03:58.000Z

You can choose to play the game online or offline and still encounter the very same instances we explained beforehand. Most of the elements present within the galaxy you’ll explore are procedurally generated. Everything from the game’s enemy factions, star systems, ecosystems etc. are developed by the game’s engine through the implementation of various in-game algorithms. Even the game’s art design and music utilizes procedural generation methods. Every player should be able to experience a completely different adventure from the other.

4. All Pre-Order’s Come With an Upgraded Spaceship

No Man's Sky Pre Order

The pre-order bonuses buyers will receive for getting No Man’s Sky are plentiful. One of those bonuses comes in the form of a powerful attack spaceship dubbed the “Alpha Vector.” It’s armed with laser beams, plus it’s capable of sending you farther into space right from the start of the game due to it having a hyperdrive. If you’d rather pre-order the game from GameStop, the pre-order goodies you’ll be gifted with can be seen in the picture below:

No Man's Sky Gamestop

Buy No Man’s Sky here.

5. The PS4 Limited Edition Comes With a Great Deal of Bonus Goodies

No Man's Sky Limited Edition

Of course, there’s a much more special retail copy of the game available for the collector’s out there. The Limited Edition of No Man’s Sky comes with an amazing collection of items and DLC, which can all be seen in the list below:

– a physical SteelBook Case that comes with a copy of the game
– the “Adventures in No Man’s Sky” comic book
– “The Art of No Man’s Sky” art book
– a special downloadable PS4 Dynamic Theme
– assorted bonus DLC: a Photonix Core advanced ship boost, the Trader Charisma bonus set of valuable resources and a Boltcaster SM weapon blueprint

Buy the Limited Edition of No Man’s Sky here.

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