‘Pokemon Go’ Bugs, Glitches & Server Issues: When Will They Be Fixed?

Having trouble connecting to the Pokemon Go server? It's not just you. (Niantic)

At Comic-Con, Niantic said they’re hard at work to solve the game’s many issues. (Niantic)

The massively popular mobile game Pokemon Go has been riddled with major bugs and glitches since its launch, leading many players to wonder when these might be fixed. At Comic-Con this past weekend, the game’s developer, Niantic, finally shed some light on this issue.

At their panel, Niantic said that they were not nearly prepared for the amount of traffic the game ended up receiving. After all, Pokemon Go is not kept up and running by a major company like Nintendo. Niantic has fewer than 50 employees, according to its LinkedIn page.

John Hanke, CEO of Niantic, said that they “weren’t provisioned for what happened,” according to Comicbook.com.

Many gamers have complained that Niantic has apparently not addressed any of the issues players have been experiencing, but Hanke clarified that they have been adding additional servers, although it has been difficult for them to keep up. Hanke implied that they’re still working their way through this, and when asked about the possibility of adding a trading feature to the game, he said, “Don’t get too excited – we need to make sure we can keep the servers up first!”

Hanke also addressed the three step bug, a glitch that makes it appear that every Pokemon is three steps away regardless of how close it actually is. Hanke said that this is another bug that they are trying to fix at the moment, but that’s about all he said.

“We’ve heard about it on the interwebs,” Hanke said. “We’re aware of that one.”

By the time the panel closed, players did not exactly have a precise timeline for when these bugs will be resolved, but it was the first time gamers heard directly from Pokemon Go‘s developer that solutions are being worked on.

Still, many players were disappointed that they didn’t receive more specific answers and that it seemed the glitches may persist for a good deal longer.

“When I die I want John Hanke to carry my coffin so he can let me down one final time,” one Reddit user posted.

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