A new update for Pokemon Go is about to be released. What’s different in Version 1.27.3 and 0.57.3?

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Corsola, a second generation Pokemon in Pokemon Go, appears to be region-exclusive and found in areas close to the Ecuador. Here’s where you can catch it.

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Several dozen Pokemon Go moves have just been changed. Here are all of the moves that were altered on February 21st.

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A special event has just been announced for Pokemon Go to celebrate Pokemon Day. What and when is Pokemon Day, exactly?

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A special Pokemon Day event in Pokemon Go has just been announced, during which special Pikachus wearing party hats can be caught in the wild.

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The second generation of Pokemon are now available in Pokemon Go. Here are some of the areas in the real world where these Pokemon can be found.

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In the newest update to Pokemon Go, trainers can now customize their avatars with clothing and accessories. Here’s how to do that.

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Over 80 brand new Pokemon have just been released in Pokemon Go, and players are now beginning to learn which movesets work best for all of the new species.

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The second generation of Pokemon has just been released, and in addition to being available to catch in the wild, the new creatures can be hatched from eggs.

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Pokemon Go had a nest migration to coincide with introduction of Generation 2 Pokemon. Find out where Generation 2 and Gen 1 Pokemon are spawning now.

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Here’s a comprehensive list of which Generation 2 Pokemon have the highest max CP. If you’re wondering how Gen 2 compares to Gen 1 Pokemon, find out here.

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What are the drop rates for Pokemon Go special items? How frequently are trainers finding evolution items and special berries so far?

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Now that Generation 2 Pokemon have been introduced, the candy distances are changing for both Gen 1 and Gen 2 Pokemon. Here are the new distances known so far.

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Trainers are reporting finding Unown in Pokemon Go and are sharing photos. Are their finds authentic?

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Some Pokemon Go trainers are disappointed to find their Generation 2 catches are turning into Ditto. See which Gen 2 Pokemon have been reported as Ditto.

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Now that there are more than 80 new Pokemon, which should you catch first? Here is a list of rare, regional, and legendary Pokemon from Generation II.

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