‘Pokemon Sun & Moon’: ‘CoroCoro’ Leaks New Sea Cucumber Pokemon

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Another new Pokemon has been leaked by CoroCoro in a new scan from the magazine. Namakobushi is a sea cucumber-like Pokemon. Not much is known about it at this time, including its typing and ability, but a translated from CoroCoro by Serebii.net says that Namakobushi “is said to be able to send its insides out from its mouth and use [them] as a fist.”

In commenting on the new Pokemon’s description, Redditor Dr_Breakfast writes:

Man, I know sea cucumbers do eject their organs out, but it’s pretty disturbing to think this cute little mon is able to do so.

Yesterday, a CoroCoro leak killed the PokeDex “leak” on 4Chan with the introduction of the baby Bewear Pokemon “Nuikoguma,” two sandcastle ghost Pokemon, a school of fish Pokemon, and Alolan Forms of Meowth and Marowak.

According to Serebii.net, Alolan Meowth is Dark-type and Alolan Marowak is Fire/Ghost-type. The leaks also introduced the antagonist team, Team Skull.

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