The ‘Overwatch’ World Cup Teams Have Been Revealed



Last night developer Blizzard finally revealed all of the teams for the upcoming Overwatch World Cup held at this years Blizzcon. A few weeks back the polls opened for players to vote on which members of the Overwatch community they wanted representing them. These players were not just from the eSports scene, as large personalities within the community and even just highly skilled players could be voted in. Each team would receive a captain, who then could pick two more additional players to join their roster.

With the voting closed and all of the captains having picked their players, it’s clear that not just big eSports players will be participating in the World Cup. While there are literally hundreds of players participating in this event, we are going to look through some of the major teams and see how they stack up. If you are interested in seeing your country’s team, you can go here and find out who got voted in.

Team USA:

  • Seagull (Captain) – 57% votes received
  • Ster – 33% votes received
  • Talespin – 31% votes received
  • Adam – 30% votes received
  • Gods (Captain’s Pick)
  • MESR (Captain’s Pick)

It shouldn’t come as any surprise that Seagull was voted as Team USA’a captain, as the popular streamer and eSports players have certainly made a name for himself. Considered one of the best Genji players in the entire game, Seagull currently plays for NRG. Other members that make up Team USA are prominent members in the eSports community such as Talespin who plays for EnVyUs and Gods who’s also a member of NRG. It’s clear that USA is backed up by some real talent and certainly has a shot at the title.

Team Great Britain:

  • Stylosa (Captain) – 45% votes received
  • Numlocked – 38% votes received
  • OneAmgstMany – 33% votes received
  • Ekuls – 29% votes received
  • Kruise (Captain’s Pick)
  • Realzx (Captain’s Pick)

Great Britain has an interesting mix of players on their team, with the massive Youtube personality Stylosa leading the charge. Even though Stylosa is not an eSports player, that doesn’t mean a few didn’t make it onto his roster. Numlocked is a prominent player for Team Dignitas and Kriuse is know for playing in team While Great Britain may not have a full team of professional players, one shouldn’t doubt the skill of personalities such as Stylosa. We think Great Britain will at least make it to the final 10 countries, but it’s hard to say if they can take the gold.

Overwatch Ana


Team Sweden:

  • Iddqd (Captain) – 54% votes received
  • Zave – 42% votes received
  • Chipshajen – 38% votes received
  • Zebbosai – 31% votes received
  • cocco (Captain’s Pick)
  • TviQ (Captain’s Pick)

Another big contender this year is Team Sweden, as they boast an impressive roster of players. Leading the charge is Fnatic team member Iddqd , a player well known for his incredible skill with offensive characters such as McCree. Other team members include Zave from Luminosity Gaming, Chipshajen and Cocco from EnVyUs, Zebbosai from Misfits, and TviQ from Rogue.

This is going be the team to beat during the World Cup as every single one of these players are incredible at Overwatch. While other teams are a mix of community members and eSports players, Team Sweden is simply made up of an all-star roster of eSports players. Get ready to see big plays and great matches come from Iddqd’s lineup of battle-hardened heroes.

Now these are just three of the big teams participating in the Blizzcon World Cup starting on November 5. Make sure to check back with us as we constantly update you on this tournament and see if our predictions were correct.