‘Asterix and Friends’: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

Here are the top 10 tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for Asterix and Friends.

1. Gain More Food

Asterix and Friends

• Food is the fuel for your village. You will need food to keep up your villagers’ strength against the Romans and to collect resources. Even early on, there are different additional sources for food that you can use apart from the farm in your village:

Hunt Boars – Check out the surroundings of your village for boar tracks. Hunt boars for food, boar skins (can later be used to craft leather) and boar bones. There are seven boar tracks in the game.

Go Fishing – There are a number of fishing spots on the beach and at the river. Go fishing and you might gain food, fish that you can use in recipes and village brawls as well as other items. There are seven fishing spots in the game.

Secure the Southern Farm Early – The Southern Farm is a great additional food source. If only those pesky Romans didn’t have the tendency to come back and recapture the farm. Building an outpost here early will secure your additional food supply.

2. Help Each Other With Fighting Legions

Asterix and Friends

• Legions are a great source for resistance points, which you need to level up your villagers, unlock additional brawlers and build permanent outposts. But sometimes they can be quite hard to beat. Also with every Legion you defeat, Caesars mood will worsen, which you can see at the “Caesar-mood-o-meter” and he will send more and stronger legions. At the end of a fight against a legion, players get rewards. And here’s the thing: you can also fight legions of other players on your friends map. The most rewarding strategy is to have a bunch of friends on your friends map and you all collectively fight each other’s legions.

• Your advantages – You gain more rewards and Caesar won’t get as mad at you as if you were only fighting your own legions.

• For maximum rewards, fight your own legion once additionally to fighting the legions of your friends. If your goal is to slow down the timer for new legions as much as possible, only fight your friends’ legions.

3. Decorate Your Buildings

Asterix and Friends

• All production buildings (Blacksmith, Butcher, Carpenter, Fish Market, Leatherworker, Stonemason, Tailor and Tavern) can be upgraded with decorations. Decorations not only improve the looks of your village, they also provide valuable bonuses. Select “Decorations” in the circle menu of a building to access this feature.

• Currently every production building can have two decorations – some can be bought with Sesterce, others with Roman Helmets. Each decoration has three stages that can be purchased at building level one, four and eight. Decoration bonuses include production increase, drop chances for additional item drops during production and decreased production times.

4. Sell Merchandise to Make Sesterce

Asterix and Friends

• Sesterce, the in-game currency, can be gained at the Butcher, the Fish Market and the Tavern. These buildings are continuously producing sesterce, even if you are not online. They have a maximum capacity though, so you should regularly check them and collect the generated sesterce. You can see both the production time and amount as well as the current and maximum sesterce when you select the building.

• You can also sell merchandise in these buildings to increase your sesterce production. These can be item drops like chicken or fish or dishes crafted in the respective buildings (Circle Menu-> “Cooking”). To sell them as merchandise, select “merchandise” in the circle menu of the building, then click/tap on a merchandise slot and select the item you want to sell. But beware: selling items in the market doesn’t automatically provide you with more money – it just increases the speed of sesterce production. So make sure you are around to collect the sesterce to actually make good use of this feature.

5. Complete Achievements to Earn Free Roman Helmets

Asterix and Friends

• Achievements are a great way to gain the premium currency “Roman Helmets.” There is a huge number of achievements in the game – check them out by clicking on “Achievements” in the main menu.