‘Pokemon Go’: Amount of Candy Needed to Evolve Each Pokemon

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In Pokemon Go, candy is used to evolve Pokemon, while Stardust is used to power them up. (Niantic)

Trainers in Pokemon Go are constantly evolving their Pokemon, but doing that requires a very specific amount of candy for each species. It’s important, then, to have a firm grasp of how much candy you need for everything in your Pokedex.

The first thing you need to know about candy, though, is that it’s species specific. For example, if you want to level up a Bulbasaur, 25 candies are required, but not just any candy; they must be Bulbasaur candies, which you can get from catching or hatching other Bulbasaurs. You’ll get three candies every time you catch a Bulbasaur, one every time you transfer a Bulbasaur to Professor Willow, and 10 candies every time you hatch a Bulbasaur.

Once the buddy feature goes online, there will also be a fourth way of getting candies. When you assign a Pokemon as your buddy, you get candies for walking with them in real life, similar to the way you need to walk in order to hatch eggs. For more information on that, check out our breakdown of how far you have to walk with each Pokemon to get its candies.

In general, the more common Pokemon require very few candies to evolve, while the rarer ones can require quite a bit. Using information from Serebii.net, here’s what you need to know about the amount of candies required to evolve Pokemon.

Pokemon Candies Needed to Evolve
Caterpie 12
Weedle 12
Pidgey 12
Bulbasaur 25
Charmander 25
Squirtle 25
Rattata 25
Nidoran (Female) 25
Nidoran (Male) 25
Oddish 25
Poliwag 25
Abra 25
Machop 25
Bellsprout 25
Geodude 25
Gastly 25
Eevee 25
Dratini 25
Metapod 50
Kakuna 50
Pidgeotto 50
Spearow 50
Ekans 50
Pikachu 50
Sandshrew 50
Clefairy 50
Vulpix 50
Jigglypuff 50
Zubat 50
Paras 50
Venonat 50
Diglett 50
Meowth 50
Psyduck 50
Mankey 50
Growlithe 50
Tentacool 50
Ponyta 50
Slowpoke 50
Magnemite 50
Doduo 50
Seel 50
Grimer 50
Shellder 50
Drowzee 50
Krabby 50
Voltorb 50
Exeggcute 50
Cubone 50
Koffing 50
Rhyhorn 50
Horsea 50
Goldeen 50
Staryu 50
Omanyte 50
Kabuto 50
Ivysaur 100
Charmeleon 100
Wartortle 100
Nidorina 100
Nidorino 100
Gloom 100
Poliwhirl 100
Kadabra 100
Machoke 100
Weepinbell 100
Graveler 100
Haunter 100
Dragonair 100
Magikarp 400