‘Pokemon Go’ Plus Guide: What Do the Red, Green, & Blue Lights Mean?


Pokemon go plus flashing light

What do the flashing lights and colors mean on the Pokemon Go Plus device? (Gamestop)

The Pokemon Go Plus device is now available, but there’s still a lot to learn about how the device works. One question players are wondering is exactly how you can interpret the lights that flash on the wearable device.

Here’s what you need to know.

The Plus device will either flash green, blue, yellow, or red. Each light means something different.

A blue light flashing indicates that you’re at a Pokestop. When you’re collecting from the Pokestop, the phone will vibrate each time it picks up an item.

A flashing green light indicates there’s a Pokemon nearby that you can catch, and it’s a species you have already caught. Once you try to catch a Pokemon, the Plus will flash the same number of times as the ball rattle animation, Neglavee on Reddit shared.

The device was originally supposed to only let you catch Pokemon you already had in your Pokedex. But players are reporting that you can catch all Pokemon now, not just ones you’ve already caught. They say the device will flash a yellow shade to indicate a new Pokemon is in your range that is not already in your Pokedex. Whether or not Niantic is going to leave this feature in place remains to be seen, since we were originally informed that the device would not catch Pokemon that weren’t in your Pokedex. However, Niantic also originally indicated that the device wouldn’t track distance while your phone was locked, and now it appears that it does.

If you don’t press the button when the light flashes for a Pokestop or Pokemon, the light will go off after a short amount of time. If you’re still in the area, it might flash and vibrate again later.

The Plus device might also flash red on certain occasions. According to the Pokemon Go Plus FAQ, if the device flashes red and vibrates several times, your connection to your phone has been lost or you’re too far away from your phone. To reconnect, you’ll need to enter the app, locate the Pokemon Go Plus icon in the upper left corner, and tap and press the icon to reconnect it to your phone.

If the device only flashes red and vibrates once, Plus is still connected to your phone, but your phone has lost connection to its network. You won’t be able to locate Pokestops or wild Pokemon.

The device will also flash red if it fails to catch a Pokemon, if your bag is full, or if you’ve run out of Pokeballs.

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