Blizzard Hints at ‘Hearthstone’ For Nintendo Switch

Could Blizzard’s highly popular free-to-play digital card game Hearthstone be coming to the Nintendo Switch?

In a tweet this afternoon, it seems as though Blizzard was hinting at just that. Although their name wasn’t included in the list of developers that have formally announced their support of the Nintendo Switch, they tweeted the above image from Hearthstone to Nintendo with the caption, “We see you #mario. #nx”.

Nintendo refuses to confirm or deny the presence of a touchscreen on the Nintendo Switch at this point, but if it is indeed present, then a Hearthstone port for the console would make perfect sense. If the tweet is, in fact, hinting at Hearthstone for Nintendo Switch, that would seem to argue in favor of a touch screen; the game has not yet come to any other console, so a touch screen is the only reason I can think of why they would choose this one and not PS4 or Xbox One.

Of course, they could just be poking fun at the creepy Mario image that Nintendo used to announced the Nintendo Switch preview trailer, which has since spawned many humorous memes.

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