‘Pokemon Go’ Version 1.11.4 & 0.41.4: What Did It Change?

pokemon go plus

‘Pokemon Go’ has just received a new update. (Niantic)

A brand new Pokemon Go update hit iOS and Android devices on Friday, October 14th. What’s different this time around?

Surprisingly, this is the second update to be released for Pokemon Go in one week, but Version 1.11.4 and & 0.41.4 is a relatively minor one. There are no new features this time around, with the change log simply saying that there are “minor fixes.”

In cases like these, Niantic does not explicitly tell players what changes they’ve implemented, and it usually takes some time for fans to figure out what’s actually different. But it seems likely that this update is probably meant to address recent issues many players have been having with the game crashing at random moments. Ever since the previous update, Version 0.41.2 and 1.11.2, was released, hundreds of Pokemon trainers have complained that the game is now incredibly buggy and that the app frequently crashes.

It’s gotten so bad that some have not even been able to open the game at all recently. This was in addition to the servers having difficulties; they went down for a few hours yesterday, with almost everyone being unable to log on and with Niantic being forced to address the issue on its Twitter account. Very rarely has the company rushed out an update just days after a previous one, so it’s natural to assume these minor fixes have to do with the recent bugs. Whether those glitches are actually gone or not remains to be seen.

The most recent update to the game actually did add some cool new features, including the ability for players to take up to six Pokemon into gyms with them. Trainers now also receive capture bonuses when they earn medals, and the evolution animation time has been decreased, allowing for significantly more Pokemon to be evolved one after the other during a Lucky Egg session.

Pokemon Go updates are generally released every two weeks, so players should expect the next set of changes to come towards the end of October.


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Worst update ever.
You can take up to six Pokemon to train a gym. Meaning 6 revives, lot of potions and hours of time.
Instead of 1 Pokemon, that was lower then the ones in the gym.
Defeat the lowest and battle the gym up with 500 points, flee , 2 small potions and train again.

Bye bye level 10 gyms wich where great to take down and earn 1050 Xp first round


A couple friends and I went out Friday night after the latest “minor fixes” update and our sightings were all working inconsistently. Most of the time it showed nothing in sightings for a long amount of time when there should have been at least a pidgey or weedle. I think it was related to how fast we were driving (we follow DD rules btw). They may have put in a speed limit fix so that nothing shows up if you’re driving over a certain speed.


I have noticed same thing. No sightings if above a certain speed. 20mph. Version 41.4. I’m level 30 going on 31 but if this remains.. I’ll stop playing.


not meant to be playing while driving anyway. defeats the purpose of of having to walk around to participate. also dangerous if you aren’t a passenger.

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