When Will the October ‘CoroCoro’ ‘Pokemon Sun & Moon’ Leak Happen?

UPDATE 10/12/16 @ 7:27 am EDT: The new CoroCoro has leaked. See scans here. Original story is below.

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What date will CoroCoro leak new information for Pokemon Sun & Moon in October 2016? Find out the day and time here for the next batch of Pokemon updates.

The monthly release date for the Japanese magazine is always around the 15th. Last month’s leak came on September 12 at 5 am EDT. Included in it was the “secret” to Rockruff’s evolutions, Lycanroc. The August release came on the 9th around 3 pm EDT. Included in it were the first images of Bewear, Sandygast, Palossand, Wishiwashi, and more.

According to Serebii.net, “the next release of Pokemon Sun & Moon information will hit on October 14th at 22:00 JST.” 22:00 JST is 10 pm, which would make CoroCoro come out around 9 am EDT.

However, just because CoroCoro is released at that time doesn’t mean the new information will be immediately available to Western audiences. Someone in Japan with a copy of the magazine has to upload the images to the internet first. In September, much to the distress of Pokemon fans everywhere, there was an 8-hour lag between the magazine’s release and the upload of its contents.

Pokemon Sun & Moon comes out in the US on November 18. Pre-order it here.

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Ummm, whoever wrote this article doesn’t seem to know much about the subject they are writing about. First off, corocoro, which always, unless otherwise stated, comes out the 15th of the month. Second, the leaks aren’t corocoro leaking information, corocoro is given the information by GameFreak to reveal in the magazine, the leaks are people getting the magazine early and posting scans of it before it’s actual release. Third, the news on the 14th is from the Pokémon company themselves not corocoro.


FYI Corocoro does not “leak new information.” It is an official publication whose information is given by GameFreak. When someone says “Corocoro leaks”, it means the magazine itself has leaked.

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