‘Pokemon Go’ Nest Migration 12: What Spawns Are Different?

'Pokemon Go' is available for iOS and Android devices. (Niantic)

‘Pokemon Go’ is available for iOS and Android devices. (Niantic)

Yet another Pokemon Go nest migration has just taken place.

In the free-to-play mobile game from Niantic Labs, nests are places in the real world where a substantial number of the same Pokemon species can reliably be found. Every two weeks, though, the nests are altered to output a different Pokemon species. Sometimes the nests will also disappear entirely, and still other times new nests are added.

For the most part, changes to your local nests will be quite unpredictable; just because one Squirtle nest changed to a Charmander nest doesn’t mean this will happen to every Squirtle nest around the globe. There are usually some nest changes that are common, but you’ll only really be sure when you go check out a nest yourself.

You can also use The Silph Road to keep track of nest changes, though. This website has a giant Pokemon Go map where users report nests in their area and what Pokemon they spawn. What’s especially helpful is the fact that the website specifically tells you how recent the information is. For example, in the screenshot below, the nest is registered on The Silph Road as a Tentacool nest, but is that before or after the latest nest migration? Well, you’ll notice that this was reported as a Tentacool nest on January 26th, and so yes, this is the most up to date information.

Pokemon Go Nest

If you’re wondering how the nest migration is affecting players around the world, here are some of the changes that have been reported by users of the Silph Road subreddit:

  • Abra –> Voltorb
  • Charmander –> Exeggcute
  • Charmander –> Jynx
  • Charmander –> Vulpix
  • Doduo –> Abra
  • Doduo –> Voltorb
  • Drowzee –> Venonat
  • Ekans –> Eevee
  • Electrobuzz –> Sandslash
  • Exeggcute –> Doduo
  • Exxegcute –> Horsea
  • Geodude –> Omanyte
  • Horsea –> Drowzee
  • Jigglypuff –> Pidgey
  • Jynx –> Seel
  • Kabuto –> Seel
  • Magmar –> Gastly
  • Magnemite –> Omanyte
  • Mankey –> Sandshrew
  • Nidoran (Male) –> Sandshrew
  • Nidoran –> Growlithe
  • Nidoran –> Rhyhorn
  • Oddish –> Voltorb
  • Omanyte –> Bulbasaur
  • Omanyte –> Magicarp
  • Omanyte –> Vulpix
  • Onix –> Kabuto
  • Onix –> Slowpoke
  • Onyx -> Pikachu
  • Pidgey –> Pidgey
  • Pidgey –> Squirtle
  • Pikachu –> Kabuto
  • Pikachu –> Onix
  • Pikachu –> Shellder
  • Poliwag –> Ponyta
  • Poliwag –> Voltorb
  • Ponyta –> Geodude
  • Rhydon –> Ekans
  • Sandshrew –> Omanyte
  • Scyther –> Jigglypuff
  • Scyther –> Zubat
  • Scyther–>Poliwag
  • Seel –> Geodude
  • Slowpoke –> Drowzee
  • Squirtle –> Abra
  • Squirtle –> Tentacool
  • Staryu –> Abra
  • Staryu –> Kabuto
  • Staryu –> Shellder
  • Tentacool–>Dratini
  • Vulpix –> Jinx

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