‘Breath of the Wild’: Elixir Recipes

Breath of the Wild

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a departure from the traditional Zelda formula.

Breath of the Wild introduced a cooking feature, a first in the Zelda series, where Link has to cook food to restore health instead of finding hearts in the grass or pots.

Another thing players can cook up instead of food are elixirs which will give Link a boost to his stamina, speed, stealth, resistances and attack. These will come in handy in your journey through Hyrule because if you haven’t noticed yet, the enemies hit particularly hard in Breath of the Wild. Chilly and spicy elixirs will come in handy if you plan on traveling through the Gerudo Desert or if you are hiking up Death Mountain.

First things first, you’ll probably want to know what the different words surrounding your elixir mean. Making something with the word “chilly” in it doesn’t do much help if you don’t know what it is referring to.

  • Chilly – Resistance to heat
  • Energizing – Restores stamina
  • Enduring – Extra stamina
  • Electro – Resistance to shock
  • Fireproof – Flame Guard
  • Hasty – Increases movement speed
  • Hearty – Restores full health
  • Mighty – Buffs Attack
  • Sneaky – Buffs Stealth
  • Spicy – Resistance to cold
  • Tough – Buffs Defense

With that out of the way, here’s a list of elixirs you can cook up in Breath of the Wild.

Hasty Elixir

  • Monster parts, Hasty animal
  • Hightail Lizard and Monster Parts
  • Hot-Footed Frog and Bokoblin Guts
  • Hightail Lizard and Bokoblin Horn

Sneaky Elixir

  • Monster parts, Sneaky animal
  • Sneaky River Snail, Sunset Firefly and Octorok Eyeball
  • Keese Eyeball and Sunset Firely

Spicy Elixir

  • Monster parts, Spicy animal
  • Sizzlewing Butterfly and Bokoblin Fang

Mighty Elixir

  • Monster parts, Mighty animal
  • Bladed Rhino Beetle and Moblin Horn

Energizing Elixir

  • Monster parts, Energizing animal
  • Bokoblin Horn and Restless Cricket

Chilly Elixir

  • Monster parts, Chilly animal
  • Cold Darner and Red Lizalfos Tail

Electro Elixir

  • Monster parts, Electro animal
  • Thunderwing Butterfly, Electric Darner and Yellow Lizalfos Tail
  • Thunderwing Butterfly and Yellow Lizalfos Tail

Hearty Elixir

  • Monster Parts, Hearty animal

Tough Elixir

  • Monster Parts, Tough animal

Fireproof Elixir

  • Monster parts, Fireproof animal

Enduring Elixir

  • Monster parts, Enduring animal

Fairy Tonic (Recovers Five Hearts)

  • Fairy, Bokoblin Horn x2, Bokoblin Fang x2

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