What The New ‘Zelda’ Amiibo Do in ‘Breath of the Wild’

Today’s Nintendo Direct gave us a look at three new The Legend of Zelda amiibo to join the vast collection of amiibo available. The three figures are Majora’s Mask Link featuring a young Link holding the Goron mask, Twilight Princess Link and Skyward Sword Link. This should round out the full list of amiibo that will unlock things for you in the newest Zelda title.

If these are like any of the other Legend of Zelda amiibo, there will be a high demand so make sure you pre-order these or get to a store quickly if you want to unlock these outfits.

Here is what the three new amiibo will do in Breath of the Wild.

Fierce Deity Breath of the Wild

(Fierce Deity Set)

Majora’s Mask Link will allow you to unlock the Fierce Deity set. All you have to do is tap them once a day until you get all the pieces. This armor gives you an attack boost and the set bonus will give you a charge attack and increased stamina.

Skyward Sword, Legend of Zelda

(Skyward Sword Set)

Skyward Sword Link will give you the Sky Set that includes the Cap, Tunic and Trousers of the Sky.

Breath of the Wild, Zelda, Twilight Princess

(Twilight Princess Set)

The final amiibo will unlock the Twilight Princess set. You can already unlock this set by using the Super Smash Bros Link amiibo.

The Legend of Zelda, Amiibo