‘Super Senso’: Top Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

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Here are the top eight tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for Super Senso.

1. Attack the SENSO-Gate

Super Senso

• Don’t just get caught up looking for combos. In most cases, if you’re within range of the SENSO-Gate, you can do some major damage by attacking it directly. As an added bonus, your opponent will be forced to respond to the threat, while you can continue to establish map control.

2. You Gotta Stack ‘Em

Super Senso

• You will automatically fire a Level One Combo Strike (epic laser) when you collect three Combo Cells. To easily build up to a higher level, try to save up two Combo Cells at the end of your turn. Then on a subsequent turn, destroy as many enemies as you can to push yourself past the threshold. You could get a 2X or even 3X Strike.

3. The Chokes on You

Super Senso

• Look for single-tile choke points that you can block your opponent’s progress with. Remember – you can move through your own units but your opponent can’t. Although big, heavy units work best, even a cheap Scout can draw enough fire to delay your opponent’s progress for a turn.

4. Diversity is Key

Super Senso

• Upgrade wisely and always ensure your deck has a healthy mix of Armored, Salvo, Siege and Area Damage. As upgrades become more infrequent, try to settle on a set of favorite cards and stick with them. Having a smaller set of higher-level cards is more advantageous than having a large set of lower level cards. You don’t want to be caught with your pants down.

5. Pick-Up Artist

Super Senso

• Chuck, Warp, and Shuttle can let you bypass enemy defenses entirely by respectively rocketing, teleporting or flying past their units. Transport precious cargo like the Siege Drill to perform surprise attacks on their SENSO-Gate. In addition, because these actions don’t count as a move, Artillery units are still able to fire, effectively extending their range.

6. Protect Ya Neck

Super Senso

• It’s always a good idea to escort your heavy-hitters with Armored, “tanky” units. For example, the normally vulnerable (yet powerful) Ranger can wreak some serious havoc when she’s protected behind a Heavy.

7. Don’t Crowd Me, Bro!

Super Senso

• Area damage takes the shape of a + (or a skull icon during a kill shot), so try to avoid placing your units adjacent to each other if you know, or suspect, your opponent of having area damage cards. Trust us – taking a Mortar missile out of nowhere can ruin your day.

8. Fast & Furious

Super Senso

• Some units, like the Scout, Motorbike, Striker, and Jet, trade durability for extra movement speed, allowing you to surprise an opponent with extra damage. On some maps, they can even hit an Extractor right out of deployment.