‘Injustice 2’: 5 Characters We Want as DLC

Injustice 2 is a little over a week away and with it comes a plethora of our favorite DC Comics characters who are ready to beat each other to a pulp. With the first set of DLC fighters revealed via the Injustice 2: Fighter Pack 1 trailer, we are eager to see who else is joining this already stacked roster. With a near limitless supply of possible candidates, we have decided to pick five contenders who we feel would make wonderful additions in the coming fighter packs.

It’s also important to note that the Injustice series does have its own canon through both comics and story meaning that many characters are already dead. We also will not be including any heroes from the last Injustice title and will solely highlight newcomers to the game series. Even if some of these people showed up in the comics they will still be contenders as long as they’ve never been in the games.

Here are our top 5 choices (in no particular order) for who should be in Injustice 2:

5. Clayface

Clayface aka Basil Karlo is a Batman villain whose super power is that he is made entirely of clay and thus can shapeshift into various other characters. This fighter could not only serve as a much need brawler who delivers a variety of heavy hitting combos, but also the Injustice version of Mortal Kombat’s Shang Tsung. Being able to transform into either the enemy fighter or any other at random would make for some interesting moments. While Shang Tsung has some degree of control, adding an element of unpredictability into Clayface’s changes could make him stand out amongst the other contenders.

He’s also a comic book character we don’t see a ton of outside of brief appearances in Arkham Asylum and Arkham City. This could make him an interesting choice since Injustice is clearly fine with not shying away from less known heroes like Blue Beetle. Plus, given that Injustice is all about alternate universes this would give developer NetherRealm Studios a chance to experiment with the various people who have become Clayface since his inception.

4. Black Hand

Black Hand Injustice

While Black Hand’s first appearance was way back in 1964, it wasn’t until the Blackest Night series in 2009 that he became a household comic name. Wielding the power of reincarnation, Black Hand corrupts and infects anyone he defeats and comes into contact with. This allowed him to create a legion of undead superheroes and villains that consumed many prominent figures in the DC mythos. Bringing that kind of power to Injustice 2 would be interesting as he could use undead minions to help in combos or zone out opponents.

Combine this with his powerful Lantern abilities and Black Hand would make a worthy replacement for Sinestro in Injustice 2. However, unlike Hal, Black Hand could focus more on controlling his opponents movement and movement speed via his legion of ghouls. There’s even a chance that he could summon some of the many dead fighters within the universe like Huntress or Green Arrow.

3. Ra’s al Ghul

Ra's Al Ghul Injustice

Perhaps the most requested and known character on our roster, Ra’s al Ghul would be a fantastic addition to Injustice 2. Unlike many of the other fighters, Ra’s relies more on his physical skill and training than any mystical force. This would give him a more traditional style of fighting that could not only act as a nice transition for those not used to Injustice’s more bombastic moments, but allow him to truly feel unique.

Given that Damian is already a playable character, Ra’s interactions with him could be really interesting to see play out. This is especially true for the alternate universe this game is set in since Ra’s was largely ignored in the first game. His skills and pseudo-immortality via The Lazarus Pit could make for some interesting mechanics as well. Being able to heal wounds could make him a bit unbalanced, but if his health pool was a bit lower this should balance it out. Either way, we would love to see “The Demon” make an appearance as a playable fighter.

2. Mirror Master

mirror-master injustice

One of the Rogues, Mirror Master is a villain that could deliver some seriously stylish attacks courtesy of his ability to create illusions and copies of himself. This would allow him to constantly attack players with a barrage of clones that could either be part of a move or controlled by the player directly. His style would be a mix of a close range fighter and one that can zone his enemies from across the map. Instead of projectiles like Deadshot, Mirror Master could create clones of himself that users have direct control over.

This could create interesting cat and mouse matches where Mirror Master players need to keep their foes at a distance via their illusions as the character wouldn’t be as useful in a direct battle. The Injustice series is full of iconic villains, however, it shouldn’t just be about the big characters everyone knows about. Shining a spotlight on some of the lesser known antagonists would not only be great for DC fans, but also allow NetherRealm Studios to tap into this comic series’ history.

1. John Constantine

Constantine Injustice 2

When it comes to John Constantine he is largely ignored by a lot of the superhero titles given he typically dabbles in more occult-based stories. However, because of this, we think he would make a perfect fit for Injustice 2. His ability to use supernatural spells and items could make him an interesting adversary along the lines of Dr. Fate. Yet, in order to not copy Dr. Fate, Constantine could use a variety of close range spells changing together in unique ways. This would give him a rather unique playstyle and design compared to the other heroes offered.

However, it’s also possible that Injustice 2 aims to bring in a bunch of guest fighters like Mortal Kombat X did so it will be hard to determine who makes the final cut. If we had to pick a few non-DC characters to come join the fighters our top picks are Spawn (Image Comics), Pinhead (Hellraiser films), and Kitana (Mortal Kombat series). Even though most of the DLC fighters appear to be set in stone, we can still hope that some of our choices made it into Injustice 2.