‘Pokemon Go’ Nest Migration 20: What Spawns Have Changed?

pokemon go shiny

‘Pokemon Go’ is now available for iOS and Android devices. (Niantic)

A new Pokemon Go nest migration has just taken place.

In the free-to-play mobile game from Niantic Labs, “nests” are areas in the real world where the same species of Pokemon spawns at a high frequency. But in order to keep the game fresh, every two weeks, these nests begin outputting different Pokemon than they did before.

Sometimes during these nest migrations, nests will disappear entirely, while still other times new nests will be added.

Other than going out into the real world and exploring for yourself, another way to check on local nests is to use a tool like The Silph Road, a website which features a giant map which players use to keep track of nests. Simply head over to The Silph Road, find your location, and click on one of the markers to see what users have reported that nest as.

The 20th nest migration took place on May 3rd, and so if a nest has been reported before then, it may no longer be up to date. In the screenshot below, for example, you can see a nest that has been reported as spawning Psyduck on May 4th, and it is therefore up to date.

Pokemon Go nest, Pokemon Go nest map, Pokemon Go silph road

Nests in different locations will spawn different Pokemon, and so all of the changes won’t be universal. But to give you an idea of what some other players are experiencing with this 20th nest migration, here are some of the changes that have taken place this time around according to reports from users on Reddit:

  • Abra –> Teddiursa
  • Bulbasaur –> Goldeen
  • Bulbasaur –> Machop
  • Dunsparse –> Electabuzz
  • Hoppip –> Kabuto
  • Krabby –> Houndour
  • Machop > Magnemite
  • Mankey –> Squirtle
  • Marill –> Gastly
  • Sentret –> Growlithe
  • Sentret -> Scyther
  • Swinub –> Machop
  • Tediursa –> Scyther
  • Weedle –> Meowth


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Tina sayarath

Do we have any idea what the new nests will be and an updated date and time when it’s going to change?


I thought migrations were on Thursdays? What did it happen on the third?
How did I get it wrong, it the only thing in pokemon go I look forward to anymore so I can report on the toad and help others. I’m disappointed I’m late.
I can confirm though in rural areas at least that rarer spawns are lasting 30mins., Reports are alsocoming that some are lasting longer than that.
Also Niantic has two people working with Reddit users on the road and other pokemon go subs to find out what the fans are wanting.


Sorry for typos above, im on a broke device and have ham hands :-p


It changed at midnight UTC, which is about 8pm eastern standard time.

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