‘Fire Emblem Heroes’ Tempest Trials: Five Fast Facts You Need to Know

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A new special event is coming to Fire Emblem Heroes known as Tempest Trials from June 8, 12:00 a.m. PT to June 22, 12:00 a.m. PT. Here’s everything you need to know

1. Tempest Trials is a Gauntlet of Maps

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Tempest Trials has you completing a series of maps with enemies to defeat on each one. Different difficulty levels are on offer, which not only increases the strength of enemies but also the number of maps to complete in a series and the number of ally teams you can deploy. The final map is a boss stage. Once you clear the final map, you’ll receive a score as well as rewards based on that score.

2. The Event Puts a Spin on Permadeath

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Permadeath, where units pernamently die after being defeated in battle and cannot be used in the campaign anymore, is one of the most iconic mechanics in the Fire Emblem series. Tempest Trials puts a new spin on this mechanic.

You start off with a number of teams when beginning a trial. Once an ally is defeated, it cannot be used for the rest of the trial until you either clear the last map or all your teams are defeated. If all allies are defeated you can make a new team of allies and try the map again. So don’t worry because defeated allies won’t be gone forever.

Allies will start the next map with the same HP and special skill cooldown as when they finished the same map.

3. Defeated Enemies Will Be Revived

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If you try a map again with a different team of allies, the enemies you previously defeated will be revived. However, their HP will be reduced by 20 percent and their special skill cooldowns will be reset, gradually becoming easier as you continually lose battles.

4. The Better Your Performance, The Better Your Score

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Completing a trial will award you a score based on overall completion, maps cleared, speed, ally survival, and for using bonus allies. Bonus allies apply the bonus if they go into battle at least once, similar to how using bonus allies in the arena increases your score. If you use multiple bonus allies in teams, only the bonus from the one with the highest percentage will be applied. If all of your teams are defeated, you can still earn a score based on the number of maps you cleared.

5. You’ll Get Cool Rewards for High Scores Including New Skills and Heroes


You can earn rewards based on your cumulative score, which is all of the scores of every trial you completed combined. You can also receive a ranking based on your score, giving you even more rewards.

Rewards include orbs, feathers, crystals, sacred seals, and heroes. Two sacred seals include the Breath of Life One Sacred Seal where the equipped unit heals adjacent allies 3 HP whenever initiating combat as well as the Quickened Pulse Sacred Seal where the equipped unit’s special skill cooldown is reduced by one at the start of the match. New heroes include a four star and five star Marth: Enigmatic Blade, which is essentially (spoiler alert) Lucina in her disguised form in Fire Emblem: Awakening.

As Part of the Tempest Trial Kick-Off Campaign, all players will receive 10 orbs and five thousand feathers if the overall score for all players exceeds one billion points within the first five days of the event’s launch (so until June 13 at 12:00 a.m. PT).

For tips and tricks on Tempest Trials, click the link below.