Friday The 13th: The Game: Advanced Tips and Tricks For Counselors

Friday The 13th The Game Counselors

Friday The 13th: The Game is a multiplayer focused title that tasks users with either killing all of the rowdy camp counselors as masked killer Jason Voorhees or escaping his grasps as a survivor. The latter has a far rougher time since they have no real way to truly stop Jason (Outside of one method) so you’ll need to rely on your wit and guile to make it out alive. This is easier said than done because Jason has a ton of powerful abilities that can easily send any over-confident player to an early grave.

We have already covered some basic tips for the counselors, however, it’s time to dig a bit deeper into more advanced concepts and ideas. Since all of the counselors unlock fairly early on into the game, users will have a lot of options open to them in how they approach various objectives.

Here are some advanced tips and tricks to help you escape from the clutches of Jason.

1. Be Wary of Landmarks Early On

Friday The 13th: The Game

While they aren’t exactly called landmarks in the game itself, these are areas that are more distinguishable than simple cabins. Every map has at least one key location and typically contains some items like a shotgun, radio, and flaregun. While it can be tempting to go to these areas right away, we recommend waiting until the match is at least several minutes in. Big locations that are marked in yellow on your map usually have very little defense or none at all, meaning it can be super easy for Jason to secure a kill.

If you spawn near one of the big houses get out of there as quickly as possible and head for a more secluded area. These big buildings always have a car outside, meaning that Jason will almost always pay a visit here to set some traps. Since you don’t want to be caught in a building with very little defenses, coming back when he’s busy with others is the safest bet.

2. Know Your Jasons

Friday The 13th: The Game

With the exception of the Savini Jason, there are 6 different masked killers that users will get to choose from before a round starts. Despite each one adhering to basic concepts, each one specializes in certain areas such as setting traps, moving faster in the water, or having shorter cooldowns for abilities. Understanding which Jason can do what is vital as it will allow you to tailor your playstyle to exploiting these weaknesses. For example, the Part 9 Jason has very little traps, meaning he has a small chance of being able to trap someone in a multi-window house. Use this to your advantage and keep ducking in and out of buildings he has no hope of completely sealing off.

The same idea translates to how you plan to escape, as a Jason who’s faster in water will almost always catch the boat. If one of the Jason’s that’s quicker in water manages to get picked, try to make this your last option and focus on surviving by other means such as the cops or a car.

3. The Boat is a Death Trap

Friday The 13th The Game

Speaking of, be very careful if you decide to take the boat out and try to escape via the waterways. If Jason manages to knock you out into the water there’s an incredibly high chance that he is going to end up killing you. Since there is no escape and his underwater move is literally an instant kill move, it’s pretty much game over if he flips you. Because of this, make sure to use the boat either when Jason is distracted or if he’s one of the slower water variants like Part 2 Jason.

If you do find Jason chasing you, try to avoid a straight line and duck around the rocks lining the water. Jason can be a bit tricky to control in the water, so you can trip him up by crashing the masked menace into the various debris. Going in a straight line makes you very easy to catch so unless you are not being followed there is no reason to do this.

4. Tailor Your Perks to Your Counselor’s Stats

Perks are bonuses that are randomly generated when players spend 500 credits and they can offer a variety of different abilities like starting with a medical spray, increasing the range of your voice, or taking less damage when jumping through windows. Each of these perks can drastically increase your chances of survival, but you will want to tailor them to your counselor of choice’s statistics. For example, A.J. has very high stealth so you will want to pick perks like Heavy Sleeper and Sneaky to build upon this advantage. You only have three slots so we typically advise running two passive bonuses and one item Perk since this gives you a nice well-rounded suite of extras.

Item Perks are simply ones that start the player out with an object like medical spray or a baseball bat, which are always nice to have since searching cabins can be a hit or miss affair. Try to not run Perks that are counter to what you want to be doing with that counselor in question, as the bonuses (unless they are the Epic rarity) are rarely that impactful unless it builds upon already strong stats. Giving someone like Tiffany repair Perks is just a waste since it won’t be that big of a chance and it’s way better to just focus on her stamina, speed, and stealth.

5. Understand What Weapon to Use

Friday the 13th: The Game

Every weapon in Friday The 13th: The Game has three hidden stats that determine its usefulness in battle if you do come across Jason. While any weapon is good against Jason, understanding what each one can do and what is best for the job is incredibly important. There is a big difference between hitting the masked killer with a stick and a large axe. These three stats are:

  • Stun – How effective the weapon is at temporarily stunning Jason
  • Damage – How much damage is does against Jason
  • Durability – How long the weapon lasts before it breaks

The best overall weapon that players should use outside of a flare gun or shotgun is the baseball bat as it has the highest chance of stunning Jason when hit. Unless you’re actually trying to kill him, you will want to focus on stun over damage in most cases. While the machete might seem more like a logical pick since it’s the highest damage, the bat, branch, or wrench are far better options if you’re trying to survive.

Try using the bat with counselors like Adam, Brandon, Kenny, and Vanessa and more ranged weapons for everyone else. Firing a flare gun at Jason can be a great way to escape, but if you’re using a counselor that has a better chance of stunning Jason multiple times then it behooves you to leave the one shot weapons alone.

6. Practice Stamina Management

Friday the 13th: The Game

It can be easy to run out of stamina when you are being chased by Jason so you will need to master when to build your stamina and when to use it. This can be easier said than done if he is right on your heels, but typically a good rule of thumb to follow is never sprinting anywhere unless you have to. Typically when moving from house to house the base jog is enough, while crouch walking longer distances will help you conserve your energy if Jason shows up.

One way to help you from running low is to stun Jason, gain a few feet, wait for your meter to build, and as soon as he can move run away. This allows you to not stumble and be easily caught even if you do stun him during a fight since most Jasons can recover quickly and cover a lot of ground. Another good way is if you get chased into a building don’t run around like an idiot, just stand there and wait until your stamina bar is full before trying to escape.

7. The Cops Are the Best Escape Method

Friday the 13th: The Game

Finally, there are a lot of ways to escape Jason’s grasps, but calling the cops is absolutely the best and most consistent way to survive are the cops. A car or boat can be easily stopped by Jason if the player driving doesn’t know how to juke or get around him quickly. While you do have to wait five minutes for the cops to arrive, a typical Jason player will just try to hang out by one of the road exits checking for anyone waiting to quickly escape.

If the cops are called hangout by a road, but still stay a fair distance away so you aren’t spotted by his Sense ability. Once they actually arrive, make sure to have fireworks, a pocket knife, or some kind of weapon to defend yourself if you get cornered. Given how utterly reliant most Jasons are on their Shift ability, you can easily bait this move and then run once they pop out of it.

The cops are also a great way to escape via a car or boat since Jason will undoubtedly be guarding the exit by the police. You can use this to your advantage and escape via the other entrances or just simply take the time to gather supplies and wait out the rest of the timer. Always try to call the cops, even if you are about to repair the car or boat because it works as a wonderful way to put pressure and stress on the Jason player.

Some More Quick Tips

Jason Friday the 13th

  • Sit behind the driver in the four door so if he is grabbed you have less room to cover before restarting the car.
  • Turn your microphone off unless you have to talk.
  • Use camps to hide out in since Jasons rarely check these out.
  • Get the Medic Perk so you can use a Medical Spray more than once.
  • You can use pocket knives to break Jason’s beartraps.
  • Only turn radios on when you are leaving the area.
  • Cars can go off road, so don’t be afraid to drive in the dirt to avoid Jason.
  • You can still call the cops if the power is off.
  • Don’t forget to use your combat stance.