Friday The 13th: The Game: When Is The Retro Jason Patch Coming For Xbox One?

Friday The 13th The Game

UPDATE: The patch should be live now.

In a thank you to fans for waiting for Illfonic and Gun Media to iron out the kinks of their game, they have given a huge content pack, free of charge, to Friday The 13th: The Game owners, which comes with a new Jason skin, two new skins for each counselor and 13,000 credits.

Unfortunately, this patch didn’t hit the Xbox One today, but it did release on Steam and PS4. Here is what the team had to say in a Facebook post today.

Unfortunately, our patch that was to include the Retro Jason has not passed certification for Xbox One. This was due in part to some instability of the new content AND the memory leak issue mentioned below. This is an unfortunate turn of events, as we had hoped to add the skin and content while continuing to work on these issues, however, this has become our top priority for Xbox One users. We’ve narrowed some memory leak crashes down, and we are currently back in certification and are hoping to have the new content out to you just as soon as we can, however, we are not certain when that will be.


The XB1 build of the game has been unstable since launch. I know, I know..tell you something you don’t know, right? The problem is a memory leak in the engine, and our guys are working to fix this leak. I know it appears on the surface that PC and PS4 players are getting some favoritism on this front, but that’s not true. We have been working very hard on the XB1 version, this has just been a tougher problem to track down. When we test internally, we can play the game for 15-20 matches in a row on XB1 and only have one player crash out. On the exact same build, we can test again and get 3-4 players crashing out after only a few matches. Again, this all points to a memory leak.

So what is a memory leak?

Basically, when a program (in our case a game) uses memory, it is supposed to “release” said memory when not in use. When a leak occurs, memory is not being released properly or in some cases at all. Almost every game suffers from this, but they are usually so small, that the end user doesn’t notice it. Ours is very noticeable. We’ve narrowed some down and have fixed them but there are more. We are actively working on finding and fixing them as fast as we can. I wish we knew the exact amount of time required to fix it, but at times can be like a needle in a haystack. But we’re getting some outside help, from other colleagues in the industry that have had this identical problem. This in an effort to speed it up, or at least avoid some hurdles getting to the root of the problem.

What we Know

Here’s what we do know. We failed certification, we then immediately put in some quick fixes and re-submitted for certification with MS early this morning. Tomorrow morning (Wednesday) we will get an update from MS on this patch. If everything checks out and we pass, then Retro Jason will be available within that patch. This could be same day or Thursday morning. However, if we fail certification again, we will continue to work on fixes to get this content out ASAP.

I want to personally apologize to all XB players. Both for the memory leak causing all the crashes, for the bad matchmaking, and for this content delay. We were very excited to get XB players this awesome update, as you all deserve some cool stuff, given the circumstances. This is on me and I’m sorry. We’re doing our best to make it right, just as fast as we can. As soon as I know more, you will know more. You are our priority right now, and few of us are sleeping until we solve it.

By failing certification, the patch will be delayed at least another day. Once the patch is resubmitted, and it passes certification, Retro Jason will be available for Xbox One owners. If it passes certification tomorrow, the team says we can expect to see Retro Jason either tomorrow or Thursday morning. If it fails certification again, we will have to wait a bit longer. We’re not entirely sure if this will have any effect on the double XP event that is planned for this weekend if certification fails again.

Xbox One fans have grown increasingly frustrated with the state the game is in on their console, but the team has remained transparent through it all and it working to fix the issues, which is a good thing. However, we’d like to see the bugs get ironed out soon, rather than later.

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