‘Killing Floor 2’: When Does The Summer Sideshow Start?

Killing Floor 2 – Summer Sideshow 2017 TrailerTRIPWIRE INTERACTIVE PULLS THE CURTAIN BACK ON KILLING FLOOR 2’S FIRST SEASONAL EVENT, THE SUMMER SIDESHOW, AT E3 2017 PC GAMING SHOW Limited-Time Event Gives Players New Skins, a New Map, New Items, and Fun New Ways To Play Killing Floor 2 That Will Even Earn Participants Special In-Game Goodies; Also Coming to PS4 this…2017-06-12T18:30:00.000Z

During the PC Gaming Show, fans of Killing Floor 2 were in for a surprise as developer Tripwire Interactive showed off a new addition to this bloody titled. Dubbed The Summer Sideshow, this seasonal event once again pits players against hordes of mutated abominations, however this time it’s in a carnival setting. Boasting over 50 new cosmetic items for players to unlock, users will need to survive wave after wave of angry carnival monsters. This gear is totally free and is only available during The Summer Sideshow event.

If you are looking to dive right into the gory action, The Summer Sideshow for Killing Floor 2 begins on June 13 and will run a full month. However, this comes with a catch as users for PC will get to start this content right away while PlayStation 4 users will need to wait. Tripwire Interactive did not detail when this would happen, but given this game’s popularity right now on Sony’s console one can assume it will be soon. Killing Floor 2 will also be free on PC for this week, allowing players to give the game and the new event a try before purchasing it. If you own a PlayStation 4 then Killing Floor 2 is already available via PlayStation Plus rewards.

In addition to this seasonal map, there will be weekly challenges that introduce new mechanics that alter Killing Floor 2 in fun and intriguing ways. One of these weekly events is dubbed “Tiny Terror” which involve users and Zeds shrink every time they take damage. There will be 8 weekly events and each one will reward victorious players with rare loot so there is an incentive to try them.

The actual event itself will feature multiple carnival games such as a shooting gallery with heads as targets and a dunk tank with the Bloat Zed. There are also rides that players can use to devastate oncoming mutants and many of the monsters have been completely reskinned to fit this nightmarish carnival theme. Players will also have access to two new weapons, one of which is a scoped lever action rifle. If you were looking for a reason to get back into the world of Killing Floor 2, The Summer Sideshow is the perfect time to start.

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