Pokemon Go Raids: What’s the Significance of the Egg Colors?


Raid Battles are now being made available for Pokemon Go players everywhere. You can tell a Raid Battle is about to occur from an egg that appears above the gym, and you may have noticed that the eggs come in a variety of colors. So what is the significance of the different eggs colors?

An egg’s color indicates what level of difficulty the Raid Boss is. Raid Bosses are classified using a star system, with one star being the least difficult and five stars being the most difficult. A pink egg indicates that the Raid Boss is one or two stars, and so it’s on the lower end of the difficulty spectrum.

A yellow egg, however, indicates that the boss is either three or four stars, and so it’s a bit more difficult than the ones that have a pink egg.

Those are the two main colors you’ll see out there in the wild right now, but there’s actually a third one: dark blue eggs, which are to be used for five star Raid Bosses. Nobody has seen these yet, but it’s speculated that this is being saved for legendary Pokemon, which have not yet been added to the game.

In terms of the difficulty tiers themselves, this depends on the Pokemon’s CP, and so it’s not as if one particular species of Pokemon always shows up in one of the tiers.

Niantic Labs is now beginning to roll out Raid Battles to players around the world, and they’re doing so at a much quicker rate than was originally anticipated. For a while, Raid Battles were only taking place at sponsored gyms, but now, they’re happening everywhere. For the time being, you have to be above level 25 in order to participate in a Raid Battle, but this level cap is slowly being lowered, and eventually the feature will be available for all players.

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