Race Kings: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

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Here are the top 10 tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for Race Kings.

1. Focus on Your Objectives

Race Kings

• Complete Objectives to Rank Up, meaning you can place bigger Bets and rise faster up the Leaderboards, unlock new car Classes, hold more Cash, enter new Events, and become More Awesome. It’s the quickest ticket to the top.

2. More EDGE = More Wins

Race Kings

• Races are fair and equal – but EDGE gives a secret advantage. The car with most EDGE is fastest, so make sure that’s you by starting races with at least a couple of upgrades fitted.

3. Deliver Upgrades in Advance

Race Kings

• Buy an upgrade before closing the game. It will deliver while you’re away and be ready to fit when you return: boom, instant EDGE. Super keen? When you get a notification your upgrade has been delivered, return to the game and buy the next one.

4. Fit Upgrades at the Best Time

Race Kings

• Everyone’s EDGE advantage resets when the track changes. Fit Upgrades when the track changes to keep your EDGE for longer. And don’t fit an Upgrade just before it changes.

5. Get Free Cars

Race Kings

• Play the Main Event every day and collect Blueprints from the Event Goals, and before long you’ll have collected your first Class B car without dropping any Gold. And you can drive that car in the weekend Qualifiers.