Destiny 2 Beta: How to Play Online With Friends

Destiny 2

The Destiny 2 Beta is in full swing, so naturally, users will want to take the fight to the Cabal together. Fireteams have been a staple of this series since its inception, allowing users to group up into squads of three and complete activities. This not only makes Destiny 2 an easier experience, but allows players to synergize and combine their abilities. In the Destiny 2 Beta, players can try out all of the content offered with their friends, regardless if it’s PvE (Player vs Environment) or PvP (Player vs Player).

However, from the start of the beta you won’t be able to play with anyone as the game thrusts you right into the first mission. This doesn’t mean you’re not online, as the second part of the story mission will have you fight alongside random people to defend The Tower. Don’t get used to them as they will vanish once you move to the next section with Ikora Rey. You’ll be on your own for the rest of the mission, but once it ends you can start inviting people. You are unable to run the Homecoming campaign mission with friends, as it’s not available to players once they finish. Players who want to play the campaign mission again will need to pick a new character from the menu system.

Players will then be taken to space where they can invite their friends by pressing Triangle (PS4)/ Y (Xbox One). This will allow you to create a fireteam and begin selecting content from the director which is broken up into three sections. If you do not invite anyone then Destiny 2 will automatically pair you with two random people also in the beta. It’s also important to note that while clans from the original Destiny have carried over, but the actual system is currently not live.

For those just joining the Beta on PC, you will need to go through in order to invite your friends. To start a fireteam hit the right mouse button while in orbit to bring up your list of buddies, then simply scroll over their name and invite them to your party. Remember, your name and number can be found at the top right corner of the app in case you need to access it. Players can also open up their party to the public allowing anyone to join.

This is a game meant to play with others so try to get a fireteam together before you go storming into the online component of Destiny 2.

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