Destiny 2 Beta: How to Use and Change Your Super

With the Destiny 2 Beta in full swing, both new players and veterans alike will be taking to the stars in order to push back the Darkness. For those who have played the original Destiny, you’ll be familiar with the various mechanics that have been brought over, such as the Super meter. These powerful moves allow players to wipe out entire waves of enemies or take a decent chunk out of a bosses life bar. However, Destiny 2’s Super have gotten a bit of an adjustment, as each sub-class can now wield a powerful weapon to strike down their foes.

In order to activate your Super, players will need to build the thin meter located on the bottom left of their screen. Once it’s full you then press R1 + L1 (PS4) / RB + LB (Xbox One) to activate your Super, which will instantly expend all the progress in your Super Meter. It’s easy to tell when this move starts as there will be a stylish animation that’s tied to the specific Super of your choice.

However, some sub-classes like the Titan’s Sentienal class can switch between two different Supers on the fly. The first if the basic Sentienal Shield, which acts as both an offensive and defensive weapon, while the second is the classic “Ward of Dawn” protective bubble. Normally players would have to unlock this ability, however, in the beta you can just hold down R1 + L1 (PS4) / RB + LB (Xbox One) to activate the Ward of Dawn.

It’s important to know when to use your Super, as they do not come back quickly once they’re been triggered. Typically you want to try and stagger your Super use, as a single one can typically wipe out a wave of enemies. Having all three Fireteam members pop their Super at once is a waste of resources and can easily get you killed if the battle gets too intense. However, if you’re fighting a boss try to synergize your abilities such as using Ward of Dawn to buff your allies before they go charging in with their Supers.

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