Destiny 2 Beta: Here’s When the Social Space (The Farm) Unlocks

Destiny 2

For those looking to play everything in the Destiny 2 Beta, you will want to make sure you check in on the beta when it’s near completion. While players can play most of the content when the beta officially launches tomorrow, users can only check out the new social space at a later date. For one day only, players can visit Destiny 2’s social hub “The Farm” on July 23 at 10 a.m. PST / 1 p.m. EST.

Until then, players will only be able to complete the first mission, run a single strike, and battle it out in the multiplayer mode Countdown. However, we know quite a few details about The Farm thanks to a video tour by IGN and developer Bungie’s Ryan Ebenger. Unlike previous social spaces, The Farm aims to offer players a plethora of secrets and things to do as wait for others. One of the most notable additions is a soccer field with functioning goals, allowing players to play a few games in their spare time.

Ebenger also teased that there would be various secrets hidden around Destiny 2’s The Farm for users to discover as they play. This social hub is clearly meant to feel more alive than the three offered in the original Destiny, which are largely barren outside of some vendors and key NPCs. However, most of the vendors at The Farm will be locked, so don’t expect to buy any fancy weapons or armor. Instead, this brief reveal is meant to showcase what The Farm looks like and give users a general idea of what to expect when the full game releases in September.

Given how Bungie likes to hide various codes, easter eggs, and plot details in their environment there’s little doubt that there’s not some important information tucked away. Make sure to check this social space out before it goes away, as Destiny 2 will only have it available for one hour. The Farm will be available for both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One beta players.