After 13 Years, Evil Genius 2 in Development

Evil Genius

If you’ve been yearning to play as a super villain, you’ve probably heard of Evil Genius. The game puts you in control of a super villain, in a god mode essentially, think of The Sims. The game is a strategy game and your goal is to manage your lair and stop any spy from infiltrating your facility.

It’s a great game for it’s time and you can even have fun with it today. In fact, it is available on Steam, but there are some elements of the game that just don’t hold up as well anymore.

It has been almost 13 years, September 2004, since Evil Genius released so fans likely didn’t have much hope of a sequel ever arriving. Today, after all this time, Rebellion CEO Jason Kingsley confirmed work has started on Evil Genius 2.

Rebellion says it will still be a while before we see anything more on the game but they did confirm they are in the process of creating the new title. Development only began this Spring so the game is still at an early stage.

The game will be built using an in-house engine called Asura and will be the first real-time strategy game build using it. The sequel will also be a true sequel, not a remaster and not a free-to-play PC title. The only platform being focused on as of right now is PC but consoles haven’t had the door completely shut on them. We’ll find out more as the game furthers its development.

A crowd-funding campaign was planned for the game in the past but the idea was scrapped before it came to fruition. The team decided after seeing the growing success of the Sniper Elite series and other Rebellion titles, it wasn’t fair to the fans to ask them for money for something they could fund themselves.

Be on the look out for more Evil Genius 2 news in the near future. Until then, you better fire up its predecessor and get back into the swing of things. We know we are.

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