Minecraft: Top 10 Free Mods You Need to Try

Minecraft is perhaps one of the most popular video games of all time mainly because the sheer level of creativity and freedom offered is unrivaled. While players can surely construct entire worlds with the tools and updates currently available, once and awhile users will want a few extra boosts for their game. Whether it’s alternating the mechanics, adding extra content into the game or upgrading the visuals there are a lot of mods for Minecraft.

These mods will only be for the PC version of Minecraft, so if you are on an iOS device, Xbox One, or PS4 then you’re going to have to stick with the pre-approved DLC. Here are the top 10 free mods you should definitely try for Minecraft:

1. Furniture Mod by Mr_Crayfish

Minecraft Mod


Despite having a large number of items you can build in Minecraft, there is a surprising lack of furniture to trick out your home. Thankfully, Mr_Crayfish’s mod has got you covered as it introduces 30 different pieces including sofas, chairs, tables, and even a fridge. The catch is that players will need to actually gather the resources to build them, but thankfully the items do more than just look nice. If you are looking to decorate your custom home then pick up the mod here.

2. Railcraft by CovertJaguar

Railcraft 10.1.0 – Boxes, Switches, Metals, and BricksThe update video for Railcraft 10.1.0. Server Survival Launch on Saturday 22nd, 1400 hours UTC. ——————————————————————————— I'm the creator of the mod Railcraft and these videos are just for fun, but you can get more info about me and my mod from the links below: Website: railcraft.info Twitter: twitter.com/CovertJaguar Discord: discord.gg/Wr9zxmP IRC: #railcraft – irc://irc.esper.net:6667/railcraft…2017-04-20T16:38:02Z

Setting up railways in Minecraft can be an amusing way to pass the time, however, they are ultimately limited by their uses in-game. There isn’t a ton to do with them outside of transporting yourself or items from one area to another. Yet, modder CovertJaguar decided to change this with his Railcraft mod that not only expands upon the existing build items, but gives users various Tech Trees to explore. This mod adds a lot of depth to Minecraft’s rails and it will certainly give players tons of options when it comes to setting up their own train system. You can pick up the latest version of Railcraft here.

3. JourneyMap by Techbrew

Minecraft Mod

OMGcraft – Minecraft Tips & Tutorials!

For those looking for more quality of life mods, consider picking up Techbrew’s JourneyMap here. This mod simply creates a more in-depth up to the minute map of your Minecraft world. This includes buildings, terrain, any changes you make to it during your travels. This can help out players who like to go off and explore as well as users who are a part of a rather large server. JourneyMap is a nice way to not only see how much you’ve affected the world, but what areas are still ripe for exploration.

4. Still Hungry by 17CupsOfCoffee

Minecraft Mod


Eating food is one of the key components of staying alive in Minecraft, however, there is a surprising lack of options for meals. This has been changed thanks to 17CupsofCoffee who created a mod based around offering players a wide variety of different dishes and cooking related items they can craft like lunchboxes, muffins, burgers, and frying pans. To use this mod you will need to download Minecraft Forge, but once that’s installed you can simply acquire Still Hungry, here.

5. JurassiCraft by ReptilGTs

VideoVideo related to minecraft: top 10 free mods you need to try2017-06-30T10:54:10-04:00

What situation hasn’t been improved by adding dinosaurs? In JurassiCraft, players can not only try and survive alongside these fearsome creatures, but build pens and take care of them to ensure they are happy. Based on the Jurassic Park franchise, this mod allows users to construct their own theme park and lab where the dinosaurs are the main focus. This is a wonderful way to change how you approach Minecraft and can act as a completely different game mode outside of Survival. Pick up the JurassiCraft mod right here.

6. Crafting Dead by F3RULLO14

Minecraft Mod


For those looking for more of a challenge, Crafting Dead is a multiplayer focused mod that takes place during a zombie apocalypse. Players will need to scavenge for supplies, construct strongholds, and deal with the swarms of undead that have infested the landscape. Players can also acquire a vast array of guns which are fully customizable with paints and various attachments. Remember, this is a multiplayer mod so make sure you have some friends to test it out with before downloading. You can download Crafting Dead here.

7. Millenaire by Kinniken

Minecraft Mod


The base NPC (Non-Player Character) villages in Minecraft have always been incredibly underwhelming, as they offer virtually nothing to the player outside of a few extra resources. Modder Kinniken has changed this with his Millenaire mod that not only makes villages more visually pleasing to look at, but adds a nice merchant system into the game. Users can sell or purchase valuable resources, which will increase their standing with the townsfolk. Millenaire is a nice addition to any Minecraft server as it adds more depth to the world itself, which is usually lacking in some areas. To use this mod you will need to have Minecraft Forge, but if that’s installed you can download Millenaire, here.




Originally created by modder AUTOMATIC_MAIDEN, this alteration gives players a plethora of different decorative blocks to construct. While these items have no actual use, the aesthetic changes can really help liven an area up or add crucial details to a person’s structure. This is strictly a cosmetic mod, but if you’re looking to create a gorgeous castle, town, or manor then Chisel is worth picking up. You can download the Chisel mod, here.

9. Oceancraft by thomassu

Minecraft Ocean Mod


If you have wanted Minecraft’s vast oceans, lakes, and rivers to offer more than just a place to build by then make sure to grab the Oceancraft mod. Created by thomassu, this mod includes new items, blocks, and 10 new sea-based creatures for players to come across. The water is far darker now, which makes traversal dangerous for those who are ill-equipped. Some of the new mobs include crabs, seagulls, and sharks with the latter being extremely dangerous to come across.

10. TNT by Navist

Minecraft TNT Mod TrailerDownload now from here: simjoo.minecraftcreations.com/overview.php?mod=TNT+Mod Dat After Effects Motion Tracking tho.2016-05-29T21:13:48Z

While building a gorgeous world can be extremely entertaining, sometimes you just want to blow everything up. Enter the TNT mod by Navist, a simple tool that offers players a variety of different explosives such as Scatterbombs, Anti-matter, and the all powerful Supernova. These items can be crafted and once ignited will devastate anything around them. Yet, there is also a practical use for these explosives, as they can make farming materials in caves a far easier task. However, nothing is more awe-inspiring than lining up a dozen or so bombs and setting them off all at once. You can download the TNT mod right here and begin your war against Mother Nature.

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