Games With Gold August 2017 Lineup

Xbox – August 2017 Games with GoldPlay together with Xbox Live Gold. August 's 2017 Games with Gold lineup for Xbox One includes: Slime Rancher and Trails Fusion. For Xbox 360 owners (and through Xbox One backward compatibility), August kicks off with Bayonetta, followed by Red Faction: Armageddon. August 's lineup provides over $89 dollars in value and up to 4000…2017-07-25T15:00:03.000Z

It’s practically August which means the summer months have flown by but we are also receiving a new set of Xbox Games with Gold titles. This August looks to be another strong month, especially in the backwards compatibility department. We even have a title making its Xbox debut as part of the Games with Gold program, something that has happened in the past, too.

These games are available for “free” provided you have a subscription to Xbox Live Gold and will remain available to you as long as you keep your subscription active.

Games with Gold:

Slime Rancher: Slime Rancher previously appeared on Steam as an early access title back in 2016, but now it’s making its console debut on Xbox One. The game plays as an open world first-person adventure where players have to collect, breed, feed and raise slimes that they collect. Think of it as Viva Pinata but with slimes and a much bigger world. We’re not sure that’s the best comparison but that’s what we’re rolling with.

Trails Fusion: This Ubisoft published title is actually the fifth game in the long-running Trial series, and was actually the first to appear on a PlayStation platform. The purpose of this game is to control a motorcycle and complete a series of stunts and pass obstacles as you try to complete a level. The game is entirely physics based so you’ll have to shift your rider’s weight forward and back in an effort to find the best ways to clear a level. If online multiplayer is something you’re interested in, you can do that as well as part of a 2015 update.

Bayonetta: What is there to say about Bayonetta that hasn’t already been said? This game is said to be one of the best hack-and-slash games of the last generation, and probably one of the best of all-time. If you’re a fan of Devil May Cry or NieR: Automata, another Platinum Games developed game, you’ll find a lot to like about Bayonetta. One big issue with the is the fact that its sequel released as a Wii U exclusive.

Red Faction: Armageddon: We haven’t heard much about the Red Faction series recently but that doesn’t mean the games are bad. The IP actually changed hands and the new owners have stated they aren’t making anymore games, at least not any time soon. The newest entry in the series returned the series to its linear roots so if you’re looking a free roaming game, this won’t be what you’re looking for. One cool part about this game and the games before it is the fact that you can blow up parts of the environment. It’s not a great game but there are certainly worse games you can play.

Bayonetta and Red Faction: Armageddon are available on the Xbox 360 and are part of Xbox One’s backwards compatibility program.

Runbow will remain free until August 15 as part of last month’s Games with Gold lineup. You still have time to grab Grow Up and Lego Pirates of the Caribbean: The Video Game if you’re reading this July 31.

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