‘Pokemon Go’: Is There a Countdown for Legendary Raids?

Pokemon Go trainers who battled Legendaries on Saturday night have noticed that so far, there is no countdown timer for Legendaries Articuno or Lugia before they start Raid Battles. The Pokemon simply appears and the two hour window for defeating the Legendary Pokemon begins. This has taken trainers by surprise, because a promotional video from Niantic made it look like there would be a 48-hour window for Legendaries.

Several trainers are noting that there’s no timer to wait for a Legendary Raid to begin and there’s not even an egg that you wait to hatch. Instead, the Legendaries just pop up in the gym, ready to battle. Several Redditors noted it in this thread, for example.

Before this, raids only lasted for an hour but you had a two hour countdown to gather people to join you in the raid. Now, at least for Legendaries, you have two hours to defeat the Legendary Pokemon. But you don’t have any One trainer saidkind of countdown anymore before that window begins. Some trainers have noted that this isn’t just happening to Legendary battles. that a Lapras raid no longer had a countdown either.

This is catching trainers by surprise, because everyone was expecting a longer countdown, not a complete absence of a countdown. In addition, it may make the game a little tougher for solo players who are looking for people to join raids with them.

At this time, Niantic hasn’t said anything about this unexpected development. We don’t know yet if the Raid Battles will always work this way or if this is just a temporary glitch.

Have you noticed any kind of countdown before a Legendary Raid Battle begins? Let us know in the comments below.

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