‘Pokemon Go’ Fest: Best Memes, Tweets & Reactions

pokemon go fest memes

Twitter/SareeseFeet “Live from Niantic headquarters,” one tweets says.

For many, the Pokemon Go Fest in Chicago has been pretty much a big disappointment so far. With server and connectivity issues plaguing the festival, many trainers chanted “FIX THE GAME!” while waiting in the park. When Niantic CEO John Hanke came on stage, he was booed. He tried to assure players that they’re working on the issues, but the problems seemed far too symbolic of issues that have plagued Pokemon Go all along.

Here are some of the best memes, tweets, and reactions from trainers showing just how frustrated they are with the “Festivities.”


The current status of the fest is causing people to connect it to the Fyre Festival. that’s not good.

Or just your traditional sinking ship:

This is pretty much Niantic right now:

Oh, and the live stream? Don’t even bother. They’re not even showing the crowds. Just a logo.

Maybe the saddest part is that this wasn’t really unexpected. Pokemon Go has been having server issues for awhile. So what’s happening now isn’t hugely surprising.

Others think we all need to just quit complaining:


But let’s face it… Most people are going to complain. And why not? Shouldn’t Niantic have been prepared for this? Meanwhile, some people are getting pretty creative. I would buy this shirt:

If you can believe it, some people are already talking about trying to get refunds not just for their tickets but their travel expenses too. Some people want to file lawsuits.

Well, there’s one silver lining. The people who couldn’t make the festival don’t feel so bad anymore:

But as one trainer pointed out, if Legendaries are ultimately released, all these problems will be forgotten. Unless the server crashes and no one can fight or catch a legendary:

Not everyone agrees though:

But for now, this is the reality: