Splatoon 2 1.1.2 Update: Everything You Need to Know


Splatoon 2 has been out less than a week and already Nintendo is patching and balancing some issues within the game. Coming off the back of around two hours of downed multiplayer servers, this first update for Splatoon 2 aims to adjust the special gauge fill rate for a number of different weapons, along with fixing two bugs within the game. While the changes at first glance may not seem that drastic, the rate at which your Special Move charges can seriously affect the early game.

Almost all of the weapons were nerfed slightly with how long it will take to charge, with the exception of Splat Dualies which got a buff in this area. While this weapon was already dangerous, being able to charge your Tenta Missles faster will make for more chaotic opening moments. Here are the full patch notes for the Splatoon 2 1.1.2 update:

An occasionally occurring issue allowed players to receive gear from the SplatNet Gear Shop with an unintended combination of gear abilities. The combination of abilities for this type of gear has been changed to match those of gear available for purchase in the Inkopolis Square shops.

Fixed an issue that prevented ranking information from displaying properly when viewing “Past Records” for League Battle.

Adjusted the number of points required to fill the special gauge for the following weapons:

Weapon Before ⇒ After
Splat Dualies 180⇒170
Hero Dualie Replicas 180⇒170
Enperry Splat Dualies 180⇒170
Tentatek Splattershot 190⇒210
N-ZAP ’85 180⇒200
.96 Gal 180⇒210
Slosher 180⇒190
Hero Slosher Replica 180⇒190
Tri-Slosher 180⇒210
Mini Splatling 180⇒190

Remember, this will not affect the main damage from these primary weapons or the recharge rate for the ink canister on your back. This update is solely meant to balance out the Special Moves so they aren’t as frequent and overpowering, especially in the early game. With the exception of the Tri-Slosher, Tentakek Splattershot, and .96 Gal these are noticeably large nerfs. Make sure to practice with these weapons int he training area to get used to their new special gauge rate.