Agents of Mayhem: Top 5 Best Agents You Should Use

Agents of Mayhem

In Agents of Mayhem, there are a lot of different mechanics, but the single most important is the concept of agent swapping. With 12 heroes in the base game, players will need to spend time picking and choosing which ones work best for them. Given every agent plays differently, it’s crucial you pick the right ones for your squad otherwise you’ll end up dead on any of the higher difficulty settings.

When making this lists it’s important to acknowledge that every agent is good, but some are just far more powerful and versatile than others.  Here are our picks for the best five agents in Agents of Mayhem:

  • Scheherazade: While this agent is very melee focused, Scheherazade can cut through dozens of foes in a matter of seconds. Her primary weapon is a sword which can typically kill most basic LEGION troops in a few swings, however, it’s once you unlock her abilities does she start getting really dangerous. Scheherazade’s Core Upgrade “Optimal Focus” allows her to deal additional damage to full health opponents, which gets only more dangerous with The Unseen Hand gadget. Making it so you land a guaranteed critical every time you attack from stealth makes her very dangerous. If you take your time and Stealth after each kill, players can easily wipe entire rooms of enemies without ever taking a hit.


  • Joule:  This agent’s strength relies upon her ability to draw enemy fire and deal with them without ever stepping out from behind cover. While her turret is dangerous alone, once you begin buffing it with Gadgets like Showstopper and Eye-Catcher this little guy will become a death machine. Couple her powerful turret with Joule’s beam weapon and you can easily take down some troublesome foes. Plus her Core Upgrade “Proper Protection” gives this turret a personal shield, making it even harder to destroy.

Agents of Mayhem

  • Daisy: If you’re looking to add a tank to your roster consider picking up Daisy and all her roller derby, mini-gun glory. Where Daisy excels is in her ability to stand toe to toe with a squad of enemies and come out victorious. She sports the Deadshot passive which does bonus damage to any debuffed enemy, which fortunately Gadgets like Gut Puncher Ammo cause. She is also quite fast thanks to her roller skates, so if you are in a losing fight it’s easy to get behind cover and regenerate your shield. Plus, Daisy has probably one of the deadliest Mayhem abilities in the entire game.


  • Oni: Despite only having 7 rounds in his silenced pistol, Oni’s status effects can render targets completely useless. His ability to instill fear into Legion troops allow Oni to quickly dispatch targets while they are distracted. He’s also great for taking out Legion Commanders (of which there are many in the late game) and his Mayhem is extremely useful when you find yourself surrounded. However, Oni is a bit of a slow starter and it can take some time before he becomes really dangerous. If you stick with him to the end then you’ll find an exceptionally good agent that can take down even the toughest of foes.


  • Rama: In our opinion, Rama is by far the best agent in the game if you are accurate with your shots. Her ability to instill up to 50% extra critical damage allows a skilled marksmen to literally one shot most targets. She also can wipe out entire groups of enemies with her Mayhem and her base ability can be tailored to stun, explode, or poison. Rama is great for almost any encounter and absolutely shines during the various boss fights. You can easily wipe out groups of enemies without them ever getting close to you and her bow fires at a fast enough rate that you can miss shots and still be okay. This agent should be a must for any team looking to play at higher difficulties and should be one of the first you try to unlock.