Final Fantasy XV Strongly Hinted at for Nintendo Switch

Final Fantasy XV

Square Enix

Square Enix is milking Final Fantasy XV for all of its worth. During Gamescom 2017 Square Enix announced the PC version of the game called Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition. This didn’t come as too much of a surprise since all of the Final Fantasy games have been making their way to Steam in recent years.

Another announcement was Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition which is something we’re not entirely sure anyone was asking for. The game itself is a stripped down version of Final Fantasy XV but still features the same storyline. In order to get the game running on mobile devices, the graphics of the game were changed into a more Chibi-look which will likely remind players of how World of Final Fantasy looked. The game also features touch controls and will be separated into 10 separate episodes with the first one being free.

What wasn’t announced was a Nintendo Switch version but it was strongly hinted at. In a clip if the live stream, you can see that the team went as far as saying it’s coming without actually saying it.

The Nintendo Switch is pretty much all Square Enix is missing on their quest of getting Final Fantasy XV running on everything. What we don’t know is the steps the developers would have to take to get the game running at an acceptable level on Nintendo’s hardware. It’s no secret that the Nintendo Switch isn’t the most powerful console in the world and as a result it misses several AAA third-party titles. We’ve also seen limited performance from some of the third-party titles that have come to the Switch too.

We’re not suggesting the Pocket Edition should come to the Switch but we wouldn’t be completely shocked if that’s what came to the console. With some cutbacks we think it’s definitely possible the normal console edition could come but keep in mind that the base Xbox One and PS4 still have some issues running the game. Nothing has been announced as of yet so this is all just speculation at this point.