Fire Emblem Heroes Brave Heroes Revealed

A new update video for Fire Emblem Heroes was released, announcing the Brave Heroes as part of the Choose Your Legends event.

Back in January 2017, fans could vote for heroes from Fire Emblem’s history that they wanted to see in Fire Emblem Heroes. The results came in and Ike and Lyn got the number one spot for male and female heroes respectively while Roy and Lucina were the runners up. While all four heroes were featured in the game, they will be receiving special versions with new weapons and skills.

Brave Hero Lucina has high speed and attack and also has Geirskögul, a lance that grants three points in defense and grants allies with swords, lances, axes, bows, and daggers within two spaces three points in attack and speed during combat. Lucina also gets Drive Speed which grants all allies within two spaces three extra speed during combat as well as Sturdy Blow which grants four points in attack and defense each if initiating combat. Her special skill is Aether which has a cooldown of five and ignores 50 percent of enemy defense/resistance while recovering HP equal to half of damage dealt.

Brave Hero Roy rides a horse and wields the sword Blazing Durandal, which grants three extra attack and grants special cooldown charge +1 if Roy’s attack is higher than the opponent. The effect of his sword allows him to trigger his special skill of Galeforce more quickly, which grants him an extra turn after combat and a cooldown of five (once per turn only). He also gets Desperation which allows the unit to make a follow-up attack immediately after an attack if initiating combat at 75 percent or lower HP as well as as well as Steady Blow which grants four points in speed and defense each if initiating combat.

Brave Hero Lyn is not only speedier but also rides a horse and wields Mulagir, a bow that grants three extra speed and cancels out the buffs of the opponent if they are a mage. She gets Sacae’s Blessing which prevents her from getting counterattacked by sword, lance, or axe users with Distant Counter. She also gets Swift Sparrow which grants four points in attack and speed each if initiating combat, and Attack Smoke which subtracts seven attack points from foes within two spaces of enemies after combat and through their turn. Her special skill is Draconic Aura, which has a cooldown of three and grants 30 percent to attack.

Finally, Brave Hero Ike has his father’s axe called Urvan which accelerates the special trigger cooldown and reduces damage by 80 percent from the second attack onward of enemies. He gets Beorc’s Blessing which makes the user effective against flying and cavalry units and also nullifies the buffs of foes. He also gets Steady Breath which grants the unit four extra defense and special cooldown charge +1 if attacked, and Threaten Defense which subtracts five defense from foes within two spaces through their next actions at the start of each turn. His special skill is Aether just like Lucina.

The summoning event for these four heroes will get a twist as you’ll be able to choose which 5-star hero you want for free for your first summon.

A voting gauntlet was also announced between Ike, Hector, Roy, Chrom, Camilla, Tharja, Lucina, and Lyn. All eight of these heroes were the top picks back in the contest, as we can see from this leaderboard from Nintendo of America during the middle of the contest:

Both the new heroes and the voting gauntlet are coming August 31, 2017.

In other news, a game called Quick Hero Battle is coming to the official Fire Emblem Heroes website on August 31. The game lets you fight quick battles with the Brave Heroes using weapon advantages to win. You can earn orbs, special wallpapers, and more from playing the game.

The last Feh Channel update in July 2017 announced new Nohrian Summer heroes as well as the arrival of new modes like Arena Assault, and a special log in bonus and summoning banner for the six month anniversary.

Update – August 29: A new trailer just for the Brave Heroes showed off even more skills they can acquire.