Friday the 13th: The Game Removes Team Killing With Next Patch

Friday the 13th: The Game

When Gun Media released the list of bannable offenses for Friday the 13th: The Game many players inquired about team killing. There’s a good chunk of players who think team killing should have been added to the list, but Gun Media didn’t think so and said it’s just part of the game. With the upcoming patch, Gun Media appears to walk those comments back a tad.

On top of the new map variants and emotes, a new team killing policy is being introduced where you can’t actually kill your teammates at all. In public matches, players will no longer to blast their teammates with the shotgun or hack them up with the machete. Well, actually, you can still do those things but it won’t have any effect.

You can still be killed if you’re run over by the car or caught in a trap but now you’ll never have to worry about your psycho teammate, for better or worse. Although this solves the team killing issue, it potentially opens up a new can of worms for the game.

“My worry is that now we’re going to see people abusing the fact they CAN’T be team killed, doing things like running around with the gas or battery and refusing to drop it in,” wrote CrookedWookie, a Reddit user.

“How are you supposed to deal with some [person] standing in a doorway, blocking you in?” said HotCoolman, another Reddit user. “Beating them to death is the only current way to deal with it, unless you want to make it so we can walk through each other now.”

Friday the 13th: The Game has undergone a variety of changes since its launch but this is arguably the most game-changing one. Many players seem to think the new immortality from other counselors is going to create more trolling opportunities but it’s too early to tell now. If it does end up being an issue, it’s hard to imagine the developers just letting it remain the way it is for too long.

You can read the complete Reddit post announcing the changes below:

Hey all!

So the biggest thing we’ve heard from our community with the game are issues pertaining to rampant team-killing that has unfortunately been abused by players on all platforms. While the mechanic’s intent is designed to promote life-or-death experiences into each and every game you play, the reality has turned into more of a Battle Royale scenario to a point our team feels a change needs to be made.

In the next patch; Public Games will no longer allow counselor team killing through weapons use against other counselor players. The shotgun, machete, and other assorted weapons will no longer have any effect on friendly players.

However; there remain a couple dangers. The biggest one is that the car will remain as-is. A car can and will be able to run you over and kill you. We decided on this as the alternative was abused during our beta where users would simply stand in front of the car, effectively blocking it from moving. The next consideration is that counselor-placed bear-traps will still cause damage to other counselors that walk over them, however a resulting death will no longer incur an XP Penalty. To that we say; pay attention to placed traps.

Our team believes that the ability to hurt other counselors is something that this game should have as it adds tension and requires players to make tough calls. However, we do not believe this should be a mechanic that is abused by players to the point where the vast majority of our current communications from fans are complaints of rampant/unwarranted team-killing/griefing/trolling. We will include this mechanic in private matches for now, with the hope of better options in the future.


*Public Matches – Team Killing is No Longer Possible

*Public Matches – Cars Can Still Kill

*Public Matches – Traps Still Can Hurt/Kill – no XP penalty Loss to Trap Placer

*Private Matches – Team Killing Still Possible

*Can’t Have Nice Things.


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