Pokemon Go: Gen 3 Pokemon Coming According to Datamine

Niantic Pokemon Go is available for iOS and Android devices.

Generation three Pokemon are coming to Pokemon Go, according to a datamine of the 0.71.0 version of the game.

According to a Reddit post by user dronpes of The Sliph Road subreddit, a list of the names for all 135 Pokemon from generation three of the Pokemon series (Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald), were found in the game’s code. This includes legendaries like Deoxys and Jirachi. In addition, a list of 73 new candy families were found. There is no evidence of sound files or new moves.

You can now search Pokemon by their move name thanks to the new update.

Code for a new Super Incubator was also found, which is believed to hatch eggs faster than regular incubators. A picture for the Super Incubator was also found, courtesy of Pokemon Go Hub.

super incubator, pokemon go super incubator, pokemon go incubator

NianticThe Super Incubator

There is also code for a sparkly effect for shiny Pokemon as well as code referencing an effect for “shiny spawns.” Dronpes said that the “shiny spawn” could refer to the act of spawning the sparkle effect for shiny Pokemon but it could also refer to sparkle effects on the map.

Updates for the code for the upcoming Exclusive Raid mechanic have been found, including code for sprites and decal colors. The new update added bug fixes for raids including the count of users in a lobby, raid timers, spawn timers, and something called “DefaultRaidItemRewards.”

Other bug fixes via the update include an error system rework, a cooldown for Raid notifications, and potential memory fixes in handling Pokemon type background switching and possibly more.

A new label called “Metamon_ID” was found which points to Ditto as his Japanese name is Metamon. Dronpes said that this may indicate that some gen three pokemon found in the wild will be Dittos in disguise.

Finally, code was found dealing with Android permissions as well as several references to camera, AR functionalities, and the phone’s pictures directory. There’s no indication as to what it’s all for.

Generation two Pokemon were added to Pokemon Go on February 16, 2017. Pokemon GO Hub datamined the existence of gen two Pokemon three months before they were released.

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