Clash Royale: 4 Must-Read Resources

Clash Royale Resources


Clash Royale is one part tower defense (and assault), one part CCG, and wholly fun. The free-to-play iOS game is a worldwide fan favorite…and also surprisingly complex. So the question for new players (and veterans) is where do you go for information? If you have questions, or are curious about certain strategies or cards, it can be a jungle out there finding useful information.

Thus, presented for your approval are 5 must-read Clash Royale Resources.

1. Get Good With’s Tips has a bunch of Clash Royale Content designed to help you be a good player. If you’ll pardon the self promotion, this article includes 10 quality tips and tricks that’s perfect for newer players looking to go from bad to mediocre (or better!). It’s easy to read and certainly popular, so it’s worth checking out.

2. Get Face-to-Face with Clash Royale’s Facebook and Twitter.

Clash Royale’s Facebook page seems to highlight the social nature of the game – in fact focusing on various meet ups occurring across the globe. Clash Royale trivia nights, gaming meet ups, it’s pretty overwhelming to see just how many of these are occurring at any given time.

Clash Royale’s Twitter, on the other hand, seems to highlight the in-game community at large – linking directly to epic moments from tournaments, live streams, and keeping players updated on new developments and updates.

3. Dive Deep with The Clash Royale Wikia

The Clash Royale Wiki is a must read and robust as you can imagine. Strategy. Card previews. Mechanic explanations. And that’s just the beginning. Safe to say, any specific question you have about a mechanic, or card – you’ll find the answer explained here – often with insanely helpful accompanying imagery.

4. Get Answers With The Reddit.

The Clash Royale Reddit is just as robust (and active) as the Wikia. It is here you can become a truly versed player. Reading the reddit, the passion, love, and joy this community has for this game becomes clear – and yours will be too.

From discussions of new cards, to glitches, to what they want in an update, to fan art, to a discord chat, the reddit is where this massive community comes together to chat, strategize, galvanize, and become truly…Royale friends.

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