Destiny 2 Leviathan Raid: How to Beat The Gauntlet (Arena)

Destiny 2

Welcome to the Destiny 2 Gauntlet, Guardian. In this raid encounter, players will have to entertain the Cabal by fighting and competing in an obstacle course. This is probably the easiest part of the Leviathan raid, provided you are coordinated enough with your jumping. Before you start designate two people as runners, preferably Hunters or Titans since they need to move fast.

For this section, players will need to grab and hold onto charges while they run through an obstacle course. To start this part have four people stand on the four pillars to slowly lower them down to ground level. This will summon a horde of Cabal which will need to be dispatched until a commander comes out. After he is dead, have one of the two runners grab the Psyonic Charges that are at the Chalice and Dogs marked gates.

Okay now for the fun part. The people in the outer ring will need to run and jump through red colored circles to add more time to the charge they are holding. However, to pass through these circles two people on the outside will need to shoot the Triangle Buttons that are not the ones with the red circle. So if your runner has to jump through the top, two people will shoot the middle and bottom buttons until they go green. Make sure to stay on your platform when you are firing at the buttons.

You have to shoot these buttons simultaneously, so make sure both people are firing on the designated buttons. You know when they’ve both been hit because all three Triangles will glow green. Our team split up into two duos to cover triangles, so the person on the Chalice helped cover the Axes section and vice versa. Once a runner passes through a hole a Psion will form at the bottom, quickly knock him out (he takes one hit) before he can finish his ritual or summon a clone. After the runners complete a full lap they will be transported to the main room and will need to dunk the charges in the center.

After three cycles of runners going through the obstacle course, have everyone reconvene in the center. Everyone will need to grab an orb here and will be transported to the outer ring to run once more. The catch for this part is there are six runners, but only four orbs to grab. Designated two teams of two as swappers and have the remaining players always grab an orb. When it starts, run around the circle making sure to grab your time orb when it’s your turn. Once you reach the end quickly run to the center and dunk the charges to receive your prize.

This is probably one of the easier encounters in the raid, but it will take some time to get the timing right. You will only need to dunk 9 charges total, so if you have a few slip ups don’t completely panic. After you win grab your treasure and head back to the main throne room, as you are almost done with the Destiny 2 Leviathan raid.

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