Lego Worlds for Nintendo Switch: Release Date & Features

Lego Worlds

Lego Worlds is laying its bricks on another console this Friday. The Nintendo Switch becomes the latest console to receive the sandbox Lego game with worlds completely made up of Lego bricks. With the Nintendo Switch version comes a level of portability never before seen with the game.

Lego Worlds will be released with both a physical and digital version. The physical version will come packed with two bonus packs of premiun DLC – Classic Space and the upcoming Monsters DLC. The digital version will be a little cheap as it will include just the base game with the option to buy the DLC later.

Jonathan Smith, Head of Production at TT Games, says it is a joy to bring the version over to Nintendo Switch owners.

“We’re so pleased to be able to bring the fun and creativity of Lego Worlds to Nintendo Switch,” said Smith. “The game looks fantastic, in both TV mode and handheld mode. Having the power not only to build whatever you want, but to play with it wherever you go, feels truly awesome!”

Lego Worlds may seem familiar to those who have played Minecraft in the past. The best way to describe it to those unfamiliar is just “Minecraft with Legos” but it’s so much more than that. If you’ve played the Lego Creator games on PC several years ago then this might feel like a continuation of that.

The Nintendo Switch version will receive free updates like the other versions so you won’t have to worry about this version lagging behind if you do decide to pick it up. It also offers players the Brick Build Showcase with a rotating selection of brick built models including new characters, creatures, vehicles, props and items from Lego themed playsets.

When you start the game out you choose from many different biomes ranging from the Ocean, the Mesa and the Desert to Volcanoes and Rainforests. Each biome includes their own Brick Build so you will have exclusive builders depending on what landscape you choose.

The big question is will this game be enough to convert you from Minecraft on the Nintendo Switch? Minecraft has cross-platform play on the way which will only make the world even larger. Only time will tell but more games is never a bad thing.

Lego Worlds releases today for the Nintendo Switch in North America. Those in Europe will have to wait until Friday, September 8. Lego Worlds will cost $40 for the physical version while the digital version will be $30. The digital version will be available once the Nintendo eShop updates later today, which usually happens around Noon ET.

Lego Worlds is out now for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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