Clash Royale Touchdown Mode, 2V2 Mode Out Now

Clash Royale Full Screen Bug Fix

Following an announcement on upcoming card balance updates and bug fixes for Clash Royale, it was safe to assume that the hotly anticipated Clash Royale October update was on the horizon.

And now it’s over the horizon and here to play.

The big additions include a new 2v2 mode, and the hotly anticipated Touchdown mode that was revealed over the course of a live stream event:

Other in-game improvements include include Mirror Battles – which give you and your opponent the same deck, more challenges, and new quests that earn you new loot.

Additionally, You now have the ability to share and export decks outside the game, the implementation of ‘daily deals’ in the shop,and the aforementioned balance updates and bug-fixes.

Reaction so far has been positive, despite some issues with certain phones.

Redditor Zxx10111 had issues with his Samsung Galaxy 8: “Jesus, rip to my fellow S8 and S8+ players. The aspect ratio is all fucked in this update and you can’t fix it.”

Yellow_Skittles reported similar problems with his Note 8: “Fellow Note 8 user. Confirm aspect ratio is crushed with this update. No Toggle”

The Team at Clash Royale are currently working on a fix:

Despite these issues, the update gives the massive Clash Royale player base some new modes to enjoy, and new ways to earn loot, cards, and gems.

Stay tuned for future updates and details on the update, tournaments, and Touchdown Mode strategies.

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