Destiny 2 Curse of Osiris: When Does it Release?

Destiny 2

Destiny 2’s first expansion Curse of Osiris has officially received a release date and players won’t have to wait long. Revealed during Sony’s Paris Games Week conference, users can expect this DLC to launch on December 5 for all systems. This marks the first time that users have gotten to see what this powerful and unknown Guardian actually looks like. Up until now, he was regulated to hosting the highly competitive multiplayer mode Trials of Osiris. Hopefully, we get to use his awesome Egyptian inspired armor.

While little is known about this expansion’s story, we do know that it’s set on the Vex controlled Mercury. Once again, this is the first time players will get to complete content on this planet, which was originally used as a small social hub. During the trailer, we get to see various models of Vex troops, along with some of the environments you’ll get to explore. There is also a brief glimpse of a weapon that appears to resemble the Cold Heart Exotic, except it’s firing a Solar beam instead of an Arc one.

We also know that there will be an exclusive Crucible map for PlayStation4 users that’s set on Titan. You can check out a screenshot of this location below which also appears to feature some awesome new armor pieces.

Destiny 2

All of the content shown appears to be regulated to just three Guardians, so there is no word if a new raid is coming. We also don’t know what the recommended Light level for this expansion is., however, our best guess is around 280. There’s also a curious inclusion of an original Destiny raid location during the 1:06 mark. While this may seem like another Vex stronghold, the layout strongly resembles the Templar portion in the Vault of Glass. This could suggest a link or even a possible return to this location, which would make sense since this was a Vex focused raid.

With less than two months until Curse of Osiris’ release date, we can only hope it’s as much fun as it looks.

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