Destiny 2 Leviathan Raid: How to Beat the Gauntlet (Prestige)

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Welcome to the Prestige version of the Destiny 2’s Leviathan raid and the first challenge you are going to face is the mighty Gauntlet. For this section, you will want to divide up into two squads with one being the runners and the other four taking spots around the arena like normal. Keep in mind you do have revives, however, if you die then that “Revive Token” is gone for the rest of the encounter. This means you have to play on the safe side and cannot be as risky with your attacks against the Cabal.

Start the round like you would normally and focus fire on the Cabal that comes out of the doors. Keep your distance because they hit far harder than before and the last thing you want is to lose a revive token this early on. Your big challenge will come in the form of the Centurions that come out, as their shotgun has the capability to instantly kill you if you’re close. We recommend using weapons like The Wardcliff Coil or Merciless to quickly burn them down.

Once these enemies are dead grab the charges and proceed through the run like you would normally. The change here is that Psion Projections will always spawn meaning you need to keep your head on a swivel because they will show up every time a Psion spawns. Have your teammate on the other plate help kill the projections without leaving their platform. They don’t take a lot of damage, but we recommend using a scout rifle since you’ll want to land headshots from a distance.

The second big change is after you complete a cycle those runners will obtain a buff called “Proven Worthy” which disables their ability to run again. Simply rotate with the second person on the Chalice and Dog plate and repeat. Once the second set of runners gets the “Proven Worthy,” have those players swap with the Axes and Sun plates. They will be your final runners, so make sure they can handle all of the obstacles.

After you collect all the charges meet in the center like normal and take the charges. Unlike the normal raid, there will only be three charges per gate so everyone will need a partner to swap with. This is fairly easy as long as you communicate effectively. After you finish the race, drop all the charges and collect that sweet, sweet loot.

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