Destiny 2 PC: Release Date and Unlock Time

Destiny 2, Unlock Time


Destiny 2’s PC releases is nearly here and it’s shaping up to be one of the most anticipated of the year. Even though it has been over a month since Destiny 2’s release, the PC version marks an important milestone in this franchise’s history. This will be the first Destiny title to ever come to computers, to the expectations are certainly high for developer Bungie.

If you are looking to play this title as soon as it’s available then you will want to know the unlock time for your region. Thankfully, Bungie has produced this handy map that details when this title will go live across the world.  Destiny 2 will officially release on October 24 in the west so your wait is almost over. Here is when this title will unlock across the globe:

October 24

  • 10:00 PDT
  • 13:00 EDT
  • 15:00 BRST
  • 18:00 BST
  • 19:00 CEST
  • 20:00 MSK

October 25

  • 01:00 SGT
  • 01:00 CST
  • 02:00 JST
  • 04:00 AEST

As for content, players will have access to nearly every activity with the exception of PS4 exclusives and the Leviathan raid. If you do want to complete this raid you’ll need to wait at least a week until it’s available to all players. This means you will want to quickly raise your character’s Light level to at least 280 before participating in this event.

If you’re looking to pick up Destiny 2 on the PC, then it’s important to know f your computer can even run the game. Here are the required and recommended specs for Destiny 2 on the PC:

Destiny 2 PC

There is no doubt that you’ll want to meet the recommended specs since there is usually a lot on screen at any given time. The last thing you want is to lag in events like the Nightfall or the raid because your computer is struggling to keep up with the rest of the game.

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