New Madden Update Could Result In Game Deletion?

Madden Update Problems

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A curious thing happened while downloading the newest Madden Update on Xbox One. It got stuck at 28 percent. After pausing and restarting the download, resetting the console, completely turning off the console, the game would not download the newest update – locked in a perpetual ‘ready to start’ prompt that loaded the game but would only let you access the Patriots / Falcons ‘play now’ mode.

Upon cancelling the update and trying to restart it…Madden vanished from my console, and suddenly I had several more gigabytes of hard drive space. Cancelling a full game download will typically erase the data, but an update traditionally would not, as stated in this Xbox Forums post from 2013.

Another hard boot. The game was gone. Owning a digital version of the game, the re-install currently sits at ‘pending’ – with dozens of gigabytes to go.

I attempted this with the most recent NBA 2k18 update, and that too deleted the game; thus the issue is with the download itself pausing, and not with the cancellation; which will delete a game, despite the Xbox Forum post.

Was I alone regarding the download glitch? Possibly, but not really. This specific download issue has not been reported via Twitter or on popular Madden forums, however, there has been widespread problems with the newest update. The problem is that the issues appear to be different for everyone.

These issues were in relation to the Madden patch that released this week – and this most recent bug *I* encountered, was a result of the patch…to the patch.

However, it appears some players were experiencing some version of 28 percent download glitch prior to the newest patch:

Another player on the 11th stated ‘their stuff got deleted’:

What’s concerning here is the diversity of the bugs. Some players are stuck downloading, others are stuck with a buggy game, and I am stuck with no game to play at all – which is especially frustrating for Thursdays are when the Madden Champions rewards go out, and also the last day to qualify for the weekend league. It’s traditionally harder to correct problems if you can’t isolate them.

Curious is this bug coincided with the roll out of the newest Xbox Dashboard. I have asked players experiencing issues if they too are running the newest update.

A ticket has been submitted with EA, and this story will be updated as more information becomes available. Until then, cancel the most recent update at your own risk. It may just result in a major turnover.

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