Overwatch (2017): When Does the Halloween Terror Event Start?

Overwatch Halloween

Overwatch’s newest event, Halloween Terror, has officially been revealed to the masses. The follow-up to last year’s Junkenstein’s Revenge, this special event will focus on all things spooky.  While there were a lot of leaks and rumors flying around regarding this event, we can confirm that Overwatch’s 2017 Halloween Terror Event begins on October 10. Even though there was no timeframe given for when it would end, one can assume it will be October 31 since that lands on a Tuesday.

There was also no exact time given, however, Blizzard consistently releases their updates sometime between 1 and 3 p.m EDT. It’s rare that release times are ever earlier or later than this, especially for special events. While information is limited on what could actually be included in this event, Blizzard did give up a brief glimpse at two new outfits. It appears that both McCree and Reaper will be obtaining Legendary outfits. McCree’s appears to be a Van Hellsing styled monster hunter, while Reaper looks like a cross between a Victorian vampire and haunted stagecoach driver.

What’s interesting is Reaper had a Legendary skin last year, so clearly Blizzard isn’t against doubling up on new outfits for heroes that got one in 2016. If this event follows the same mentality of the 2017 Summer Event then expect all of the 2016 Halloween skins to be discounted down to the base game prices. This is to make it easier for players to obtain skins they missed out on last year since 2017 Legendary skins will cost 3,000 coins.

Additionally, it’s clear that the image captured of Reaper and McCree is during the Junkenstein variation of Eichenwalde.This is pretty much confirmation that this stage is returning, but we are curious if a new chapter in the mad Doctor Junkenstein’s tale will be included. We also fully expect the Halloween map variant of Hollywood to appear, but it would also be nice to get the nighttime version of Eichenwalde for regular play.

Overwatch’s 2017 Halloween Terror event officially starts on October 10.

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